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seat Ibiza brake light fuse

seat Ibiza 2004 brake light fuse

Fuse Panel Location:
This would be quite useful for those with ibiza's and other car's which use the same fuse positions as the ibiza! (as i very rarely have my owners manual in work) 

Fuse Layout
Fuse number: Amp
1. Engine / Engine Electronics 15
2. Engine / Engine Electronics 15
3. Engine Valves 10
4. Ignition Transformer 15
5. Automatic gearbox/ reverse
light / heated jets 20
6. Automatic gearbox 5
7. Injectors / Fuel pump 15
8. Lambda sensor 10
9. "S" signal * (see footer) 5
10. Control panel / Diagnostics / 
Central locking alarm electronics 5
11. Horn / Heated Seats 20
12. Right hand main beam and 
pilot light. 7,5
13. Left hand main beam 7,5
14. Right hand dipped beam / right
hand lamp adjuster 7,5
15. Left hand dipped beam / left
hand lamp adjuster 7,5
16. Right hand parking light 5
17. Left hand parking light 5
18. ABS / TCS / ESP 5
19. Fog light / Rear fog light 15
20. Brake lights 7,5
21. Hazard lights 15
22. Indicators 7,5
23. Windscreen washer and 
pump / rear windscreen washer 15
24. Head lamp washer 20
25. Heated rear window 20
26. Control panel lighting /Control 
panel display / Electric mirrors/ 
Dashboard lighting 5
27. Inside, boot lighting / Alarm
Siren 7,5
28. Lighter 10
29. Radio / CD 15
30. Heater 25
31. Number plate light 5
32. Engines central locking 30

Fuses above relay switchboard:
33. Electronic front windows 30
34. Sunroof 15
35. Electric font and / or rear
windows 20
36. Canvas Roof 20
37.Power socket in luggage
compartment 15

Fuse Box in the engine compartment on the battery:

Radiator Fan, 1st gear 30
ABS engine relay 30
ABS main relay 30

Metal fuses (These fuses should only be changed at a SEAT Official Service Centre)
Alternator 150
Onboard network 110
Radiator fan, 2nd, 3rd level 40
Engine distribution system 50
Glow plugs 50

Fuse colour code:
Beige 5amp
Brown 7.5amp
Red 10amp
Blue 15amp
Yellow 20amp
White 25amp
Green 30amp

Fuse 9 on the main strip:
The "S" signal is a system which incorporates steering wheel lock and ignition. Once the ignition is switched off and without removing the key from the ignition, this function allows you to switch on some of the electrical equipment such as the car radio, the courtesy light, etc. 
This function is deactivated once the key is removed from the ignition
Check this link and go through the video,it will show exact location of fuse box.Its a simple panel in front that comes out and underneath is the fuse panel.Every fuse is marked and fuse summary is mentioned on inside of cover.


 How to - Change Brake Light Switch

Seat Leon Cupra – Brake Light Switch Replacement

Tools needed –
• 1 x Phillips Screwdriver (medium)
• 1 x Flat Blade Screwdriver (medium)
• 1 x T25 Torx Bit
• 1 x 2” Extension Bar
• 1 x Ratchet Handle
• 1 x Torch
Time taken – 30-45 mins

1. Remove the fuse panel from the side of the dash.

2. Identify all of the screws you need to remove. There are 7 x Torx head screws, and 2 x Philips heads screws in total. 4 x Torx screws in the fuse panel, and 3 on the underside. The 2 x Philips are located on the bonnet pull panel.

3. Start removing the lower dash screws (left to right). The first two screws are longer than the others.

4. Then remove the 2 x Philips on the bonnet pull handle.

5. Follow up by removing the screws in the fuse panel.

6. Once all screws are removed gently remove the lower half of the dash by pulling it down, and out towards you.

7. Once you have enough room to get your hands in, reach behind the light switch and remove the plug from the dimmer/headlight adjuster switch, and then the light pane switch.

8. Pull the dash out completely.

9. You should now be able to see the brake light switch.

10. Twist it anti-clockwise until loose, then pull out of its socket.

11. Remove the plug from the back of it.

12. Fit the plug into the new switch.

13. Place new switch into locating spigots and twist clockwise until locked into position.

15. Replace the dash in the opposite manner to how it was removed.

16. Take note of the locating points of the dash. Once they are lined up, the top of the dash will slot in, you can then push in the bottom, and fasten up the lower screw in the fuse panel to hold it in place.

17. Once finished, you should have brake lights again

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