Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Aprilla Sportscity 125 Scooter makes a click sound

Aprilla Sportscity 125 Scooter 

makes a click sound when engaging either brake. Did not do this last season. Thoughts other than get a real bike?

It only clicks once each time you engage.

its likely that the brake pads aren't quite a close fit in the caliper, so you're getting a bit of a 'click' as you take up the slack when applying pressure
so 1st check if the pads have more than 1mm of play and if they do then a fix is to remove each pad and apply some silicone sealent to the back of each pad taking care to to keep it off the piston , pull hard on the brake lever and then leave the sealent to go off overnight
this should then stop the pads from rattling about.

knocking sound at low revs and on idle

It would help if you had the airfilter on to get rid of some of the noise. The knocking sounds like worn rollers rattling in the variator as it seems to disappear once the revs raise a little and the rollers put pressure on the variator plate. I assume when riding it is quite when up to speed, is that right? Replace the rollers or better still put Dr Pully sliders in.

RS 125 Engine Tapping Sound

being a teo stroke these engines dont last long the aprilia has a high engine fail rate the noise is most prob the big end or small end bearings as these are common to go on this bike the main bearings make a rummbley scraping noise on idle best to get it looked at as when these go bangh thay can destroy the crank case too.

It could be a problem with the balance shaft gears. Mine did the exact same thing, and I immediately had a semi-stroke thinking it was the bearings, because the bike hadn't been driven nowhere near the mileage those are supposed to last.

If the problem isnt found anywhere else, id get the gears replaced anyway while looking at the wpump. They are made out of plastic and when they do go, they take every other plastic gear thats around them (oilpump,waterpump) with them. The gears themselves aren't that expensive."

Aprilia Sportcity 250 won't start

It sounds like your battery has failed.
The battery is dead/dying and that the warning light was to let you know that the voltage was getting too low. If that's the case, your charging system is probably not working and you may need a new regulator. First check the battery voltage and terminal hardware.

Aprilia rs 125 makes a clicking noise?it sounds like something is vibrating

Check your front brake pads pal!! mine done that and a had lost the pin from the pads.

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