Thursday, 2 June 2016

2002 x-type jaguar leaks yellow fluid

Jaguar Leaks Yellow Fluid On Ground

Clear fluid can be very clean engine oil but it is more likely power steering fluid. It is possible we have a power steering cooler leak or a hose leaking. We should check the fluid level in the power steering reservoir located in the driver side of the engine compartment. We will then need to get the vehicle in the air to inspect the under carriage and pinpoint the leak.

The transmission is more of a clear brownish yellow fluid so yes it is possible it is transmission fluid. Since there is no fluid dipstick it will be difficult to check the fluid. Since you do not have any issues driving then it may just be a very small leak. There are cooler lines that connect to the radiator that run from the front driver side to the back.There are cooler lines that go from the radiator to the transmission. The lines may be leaking in the front. I would recommend a tow as you should not drive the vehicle if the transmission fluid is leaking.

I do suspect it is a power steering leak. We will need to jack up the vehicle and pinpoint the area of the leak. 

cover behind the brake and accelerator pedals is all yellow

The only three fluids I can think could be possible are:

1. Brake fluid leaking down the brake pedal arm from the master cylinder;

2. Hydraulic System Mineral Oil (HSMO) from the anti-lock brake system or Self-Levelling Suspension (I can't recall if any of those hoses or pipes are routed near your pedals, or even how the ABS/SLS works on the early XJ40s);

3. Engine coolant leaking from the heater core in the Climate Control Unit in the centre of your dash.

Do you have a fluid leak under your car or truck? Here’s a simple way to be your own private investigator. If you’re not sure whether you are losing oil, transmission fluid, coolant or brake fluid, here is a simple, but effective method for finding who or what caused it!

Bright Green: radiator coolant, this is also very slippery to the touch.
Light or Dark Brown: if you change the oil often it will be a light brown, if not the fluid will be a darker brown. Make sure to change your engine oil every 3-5000 miles.
Bright Blue:windshield washer fluid. (Winter washer fluids can be orange, pink or yellow).
Light Brown:if there is also a strong odor of rotten eggs, this is 90 weight or gear lube. It may be leaking from the rear axle center section or the manual transmission.
Red Fluid:Automatic transmission fluid or power steering fluid. Note where the fluid is coming from – it could be long life coolant
Clear: Power steering fluid or water from the condenser on the A/C unit.
Light Yellow:Brake fluid is light yellow when new as it absorbs water the fluid becomes a dark muddy brown. Brake fluid absorbs 2% water over a one year period under normal braking conditions. This is a very important fluid and should be changed every other year.
Amber:Gasoline, but there will be a distinct odor.
The location of the leak could also be a dead giveaway. 

This will help.Thanks.

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