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2001 bmw x5 Alternator fuse

Where is the alternator fuse Located On  2001 bmw x5

The generator, (alternator), is just one part of the charging system. Your mechanic should have performed some voltage tests first to rule out any other possibility. All generators will have a wire to turn it on when the ignition switch is turned on or when the engine is running. A break in that wire will stop the system from working. A break in the wire between the generator's output terminal and the battery will prevent it from recharging the battery but that usually won't cause the warning light to turn on. There is usually a very large fuse in the under-hood fuse box for that circuit. There may also be a fuse for a circuit for the voltage regulator to monitor system voltage. If that one is blown, the voltage regulator won't turn on.

If you have an inexpensive digital voltmeter, measure the battery voltage while the engine is running. It must be between 13.75 and 14.75 volts. I suspect it will be low since the warning light is on. I suppose the new generator could be defective but that doesn't happen real often. The voltage regulator is built into it so everything is in one unit. If all of the voltages are correct on the wires feeding the generator, it's time to try another one.

Here are the following checks to make for this problem. Check for battery voltage at the Green/White wire at the alternator. 

Check fuse 5 which provides power to the Green/White wire at the alternator. If power on the Green/White wire is low or the fuse is blown, disconnect the oil level sensor and recheck voltage. If voltage is then correct, replace the oil level sensor. 

Check for system voltage on the Blue wire at the alternator if alternator is working properly. If voltage on the Blue wire is incorrect but the alternator is charging properly, the alternator is defective. The Blue wire goes to system voltage from the alternator to tell the instrument cluster to turn off the charge indicator light. Oil level sensors are known to occasionally blow the #5 fuse or simply bring down the voltage on that circuit

Check the blue wire at the cluster and make sure you are getting voltage there.

Read this conversation and it will help you:

Check fuse number 5:

Just replaced alternator, theromstat, and belts. On check ride to test car, battery light came on again. Drove car to my garage and shut it down. After shut down, tried to start the car and engine will not crank. After an extensive search found on the internet, found out that fuse#5 might be the problem. Replaced fuse #5, still blowing fuse. Disconnected oil level sensor, still blowing fuse. Does anyone know what components are related to fuse #5.

1. Disconnected oil level sensor. Have short between pin 2 and pin 7 of connector x6053 (black on pin side)
2. Still blowing fuses.
3. Items connected with fuse 5, Oil level sensor, e-box fan, Generator
4. Items on x6053 pin side connector Pin 2 to oil level sensor, pin 7 to starter
5. According to WDS pin 2 on oil level sensor is ground, I get no ground.

So there could be a broken wire for the ground and shorted wire some between pin 2 and pin 7.
I think I have it fixed now. 
1.Found a problem with alternator wiring. Looks like it melted on something hot, near the alternator. Separated the wires and did continuity checks on oil level sensor, alternator, and e-box fan, all good. 
2. I do not get a short across pin 2 and pin 7 of connector x6053. 
3. Found the ground for pin 2 on the oil level sensor. 
4. Fuse 5 did not blow when I turned the Key and the Park is highlighted on the dash board, before all the lights on the transmission indicator were just dim. 
Now car starts fine and runs good.
So problem was wiring and fuse number 5.

the 528 and 540.
Both have fuse 15 above the glove box (7.5 amps) connected to the alternator. I think this brings power to the diagnostic plug. That looks like the only fuse that connects to the alt.

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