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BMW X5 Central vent block

A/c Not Blowing Cold Air

A/c Vents Blocked

2005 X5. The rear- A/C and heat unit does not blow through the vents. to be clear, I can hear the fan turn on when I turn the wheel to "on", but the air seems to be blocked from flowing though the vents and into the rear of the vehicle.

I removed the liner from the center console and can actually feel cold air running through the felt duct, then leaking out into the console, presumably because its blocked from leaving through the vents. The duct appears to be seated in the the right place and it is secure.

Is there a flap or something that has dropped down to block the airflow?

There is no flap in this duct, only at the rear vents. If it is blocked, it is by a foreign object.
A replacement duct is only $25 or so, part number 64228402282.

If it doesnt seem possible that a foreign object  block the entire duct.Then the vent must be blocked some how. I would remove the vent first and see if you get airflow then. If not, then yes remove the duct.


My centre air vents and footwell vents are not putting any air in car hot or cold the car is 2007 bmw x5 3.0d e70. The demist is still working on the dashboard and so are the 2nd row vents in rear. Have tried changing settings but nothing would like to know if anyone has any idea what it is??
The blower is still working normally as is the temp hot & cold just nothing through vents


his would likely be either an issue with the computer controller, or with the air directing flaps behind the dash.

The next step will be a read out of the fault logs from the system, as this will help verify the cause and will be the only way to eliminate guess work.

The dial on the center vent with the red and blue dots is the stratified air knob. this allows you to get cool air on your face to keep from going drowsy even when the heat is on.
There is some breakage in the system, and the cool air is always being diverted into the system, rather than the heat that is blowing in the rest of the car. BMW has a bulletin on this, 

You may receive a complaint from a customer that he is unable to regulate the temperature out of the center dash vents or that cold air blows out of one side and hot air out of the other.
This may be caused by a broken stepper motor bracket for one of the two center dash vent stepper motors.
Diagnostic Hint:
As the motors can still operate no faults will be logged in the IHKA Control Unit.
Removal of the radio allows for visual inspection of these brackets.
Repair Procedure:
Replace the center housing portion of the IHKA assembly.
Removal of the IHKA assembly is required. Follow the procedures given in the workshop manual (Group 64) for is removal.
Grease running out of the vent flap stepper motors can cause the plastic mounting area to become bottle, thereby increasing the possibility of the mounting area to break.

This isn't really the simplest thing to check, you need to start removing dash components so you can visually inspect the components and ensure the flaps are working properly when commanded to do so. The best thing to do, before tearing the dash apart is to have the HVAC system scanned for faults with a bmw specific scan tool as this will hopefully narrow down the issue for you, and eliminate the need to start guessing and pulling things apart.


The vents are clogged.
​you will need to check both drain tubes to make sure they are clear.the Evaporator drain tubes the condenser does not have drain tubes. They exit the vehicle underneath the vehicle along side the transmission. They are a black rubber tube, you will need to get under the vehicle to access them.If you have no water coming out of those drains that is your problem.On top of the transmission tunnel inside the vehicle. If you look along the transmission tunnel inside the vehicle you will see the carpeted section that can be removed which is held in place by a screw. Remove this carpet on both side and you should be able to see the evaporator drains.Because the tubes are not draining the water the housing will fill up with water until it finds a point were it can leak out from.Underneath you will not see the clogging you do not need to replace them for clogging. The best way is to check the drain tubes were they connect to the housing. Yes it can be a common problem if your cabin filter has not been changed at the times that are required or if you live in an area were there are a lot of trees.
​There is dealer service bulletin on such problem:
​If this leakage happens when it is not raining … and … it does not smell like engine coolant (a sweet maple-like smell) … AND …. you are running the air conditioning, this may be condensation drain-off from the A/C evaporator. This condensation is supposed to drain through the bottom of the heater/AC box and then through the floor (at the top of the transmission tunnel hump), to the ground. This is the puddle of water that you see under a car when the air conditioning is running.
If the drains in your heater/AC box are clogged (or the tubes connecting the drains to the chassis floor), the condensation will gather and then leak out onto the floor. The cure is to clear the drain tubes. If all of the above points fit your scenario, of course, this is under warranty. I would suggest that you ask what the dealer has already done (in detail) and note that you still have the leakage and the the drains are likely still clogged (again, if the above parameters fit your case).

This will help.;

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