Monday, 31 December 2012

Love Your Hybrid Car and it Will Love You Back

Your hybrid car works a little differently than a conventional, fuel-powered engine car. You'll still need to pay the same amount of attention to its needs in order to ensure that it runs for a long time though. Like any other car, leaving your hybrid car unattended without any maintenance can lead to car break downs or other problems. The first thing you need to know about a hybrid car is that its parts are different from that of a regular fuel powered car. The most important of these differences is the hybrid battery. Most hybrid batteries are made to run for the entire lifetime of the vehicle - typically 150,000 miles, or more. The warranty on these hybrid batteries usually lasts around 8 years but this varies depending on the manufacturer.

When servicing your car, make sure to visit a reputable mechanic who knows how to deal with hybrid cars. They require different servicing when compared to fuel powered cars and a mechanic who does not know what he doing with a hybrid car can bring a lot of damage to the car. Maintenance costs for hybrid cars are about the same as their fuel-powered counterparts. Sometimes, you might even end up spending less because the wear and tear that a hybrid car experiences is much less than that of a gasoline powered car.

As with all vehicles, regular service and preventative maintenance is required in order to ensure that the car lasts a long time. If you ignore getting it serviced, it will in all probability break down and cause you many more troubles and more cost than it would if it was regularly serviced. Leaving the car unattended is not recommended. The car needs to be started and driven for at least an hour every 90 days. If you have to leave the car dormant, then try not to do so for more than three months. Leaving the car idle for more than 3 months might require you to get the hybrid battery charged by a professional mechanic.

When driving a hybrid car, try to maintain the car at a constant speed. The more you use the accelerator, the more fuel is consumed. Keeping the car at a constant speed will only use up the energy saved up in the hybrid batteries. In addition to this, when you are going at a high speed and need to slow down, fuel will be used up for this also. So, maintaining a constant speed while driving a hybrid will not only save on fuel but also reduce emissions into the atmosphere. It's also good to avoid braking the car suddenly because this can use up a lot of fuel too. By giving the engine time to brake, you give the electric motor some time to recover and save some energy in the process of slowing the car down. This gives the hybrid batteries more power to be used when the car starts moving again.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Finding Custom Car Accessories and Parts

When you're a car enthusiast, you know how important it is to find just the right accessory or car part that will make your car stand out from the crowd. Some people find it absolutely impossible to find just what it is their looking for. This usually doesn't deter those who are into restoring and caring for their autos.

Most people are proud of the fact that certain parts are difficult to find; they even tend to brag about costs and adventures of finding that one special part because in the end they know that all of the trouble they went through was worth it. Many people enjoy the thrill of the hunt because that is all part of the car restoration process.

There are all types of car enthusiasts interested in car accessories and parts shopping. One example are street racers. These guys like to take an ordinary auto and turn it into a muscle car that has no limits on the road. They take custom parts and add them to the body or the engine to create an unbeatable and unstoppable force to be reckoned with. They add things like specialized air filters, mufflers, chromed parts and accessories to give their car that added flash and much more. There are parts to make their car faster, stronger, safer, and better looking. They are always on the hunt for better and more efficient parts; the hunt never ends because the craving for power never ends.

Another enthusiast is the classic car owner and collector. These guys take their autos seriously and can spend years trying to make it perfect. The addition of a simple original ashtray or lighter can have these guys excited for months on end. Some will travel the countryside searching, researching, and looking for their specialty parts. Classic car collectors make it their job to know where to find custom parts and accessories.

Finding parts and accessories has never been easier thanks to the Internet. Now enthusiasts have a chance to sit down for a few minutes every day and search the thousands of sites that offer parts and accessories for their cars. It makes buying easier because they can compare prices in real time, which allows them to take full advantage of finding the best deals. There are sites that offer forums and discussion groups so enthusiasts from around the world can communicate, and even offer parts or accessories they have available for resale. Taking care of your car has never been so easy.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Ladies Car Care Clinic - Common Wear Items on Your Car and What to Watch Out For

Here is a list of the items that we see and look for every day at our shop. These things are normal wear parts, and almost every vehicle will need replacement at some point.

Steering and Suspension Components:

1. Ball Joints
2. Tie Rod Ends (Inner and Outer)
3. Shocks & Struts
4. Control Arm Bushings
5. Coil Springs
6. Sway Bar Links
7. Power Steering Lines
8. Rack and Pinion Unit

If you are told any of the above parts need replacement, ask to see the bad parts. Fact is, no matter what, you should always ask to see the old parts. And if you aren't sure the part is bad or if it's even your part, ask to take it with you. That way you have the opportunity to have it inspected. You should notice a visible looseness in the wheels when these components are worn. Looseness may also be accompanied by a 'rattle' clunk or metal on metal sound over bumps. Noise is a very good indicator that these components are worn out.

Cooling System Components:

1. Radiator
2. Water pump
3. Thermostat
4. Hoses and Belts
5. Heater Core

Except for the thermostat, most of these components will last well over 100,000 miles, given proper maintenance. If your vehicle is not providing good heat in the winter, chances are your thermostat needs changing. This is normal at around 50,000 miles. If you are not seeing a green or pink watery fluid under your car and someone tells you one of these components needs replacement, get a 2nd opinion.

Engine Components:

1. Timing Belt
2. Water Pump
3. Oil Pan
4. Valve Cover Gasket
5. Cylinder Head Gasket

With the exception of the timing belt and possibly the water pump, your engine should not need any of the above parts on a regular basis. These are only replaced on a vehicle that has a serious problem, and not part of everyday wear items. If you're told that you have a bad head gasket, ask to see the test results. There are several good tests that will prove or disprove a head gasket leak diagnosis. If you are still not convinced, get a 2nd opinion. This is one of the most common miss-diagnosed problems in our industry.

Brake System Components:

1. Brake Pads
2. Brake Rotors
3. Calipers
4. Brake Hoses
5. Brake Shoes
6. Brake Drum Hardware
7. Brake Drums
8. Master Cylinder
9. Brake Lines
10. ABS Wheel Speed Sensor
11. ABS Pump Motor
12. Wheel Bearings

Of all these components, the most common wear items are in the brake category. Brakes are exposed to the road conditions (Salt, water, grime) and extreme temperatures, hot and cold. Brakes can easily get to over 400 degrees when used to stop a fully loaded vehicle. 'Riding' the brake or 'panic' stopping are the best ways to insure brake problems and added vehicle expense.

What to watch out for:

Be on the lookout for anyone that tells you your brakes are 'shot', even if they feel soft to you, this does not mean they need replacement. Often times a simple cleaning and adjustment of the brakes will restore proper operation. If your brakes are worn they still should stop the vehicle efficiently. If you are experiencing long stops then most likely there is something else wrong. The most common brake repair of all is replacement of the brake pads, and rotors. If someone tries to tell you that your calipers should be replaced too, ask them to show you why. And again, if you are not convinced they need replacing, get a second opinion. This is the 'red' flag that and inexperienced technician is working on your vehicle. Unless your vehicle has well over 100,000 miles on it, it's not likely that your calipers need replacement.

Next time we'll talk about how to change your tire the easy way. Thanks for reading.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Hybrid Cars and Vehicles That Run on Water

Do not just get shocked or amazed when one of our friends or relatives ask you if you have transformed your car into a water run car. Are you surprised even to read this? No, this is no more a story from the science fiction novels or movies that cars are run by water. With the rapid progress of science and technology in the modern times, water run cars are no more the denizens of the world of imagination or fancy. It is, at present, a gross reality and truth. Even you can have a water run car for yourself, instead of a diesel run car or petrol run car.

Let us remove some of your confusions that have been created within you when you came to hear about the existence of water cars or water run cars in reality. A new technology has been invented, using which a car can be converted into a water car or a water run car. This particular technology includes the hydrolysis of water and creating a gas that is endowed with the power to run cars. The cars that are run using this technology, have become immensely popular as the water cars: the new millennium cars. Truly, the water cars or the water run cars are very much commensurate with the age of the millennium that we are living in.

In long past, it must have been imagined that a day will come when cars would be run by water. The dream has come true in this phase of the millennium. There are, of course, a huge number of benefits of these new millennium cars that are run on water. The benefit is not restricted within the fact that it will save your money. Using water run cars is beneficiary not only to you but also to the environment.

You have got no reason to think that converting your petrol or diesel run car into a water car will be either difficult or the whole process is time taking. So far as your conception regarding the expenses is concerned, you must be of the idea that the entire process is so expensive that you, at least, cannot afford to own a water run car. Know the reality. The process of converting a car into a water run car is very easy and simple if you follow the guidelines offered by us. You even will not require a car mechanic to help you. The entire process of the conversion of you car into a water car will hardly take more than 15 to 20 minutes. If you are an expert in car mechanism, you can finish it within ten minutes. Expenses? Be sure of the fact that it is within the easy reach of your budget.

Now, you must have started wondering if the water run cars or the new millennium cars are run by magic. No, it is no magic. It is just a technology. You have to buy some parts that you have to install into your car which you can do by yourself by following our guidelines. Know more from us and be the owner of a water car - the new millennium car.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Care and Maintenance of Lawn Mowers and Parts

Taking proper care of lawn mowers and parts is important for ensuring that your mower not only works properly, but lasts for years to come. Just like a car, your mower is an intricate system of moving parts, and each of these parts can become rusted, damaged, and then unusable. To prevent this, educate yourself on how your mower works, and the appropriate maintenance procedures you should take-before your grass starts towering!

Prior to the first time you cut your grass in the spring a thorough inspection should be performed on all lawn mowers and parts. Before starting it up, make sure to fill it with gas, check the blades to make sure they are not dull and need either sharpened or replaced.

Check the pull string for any fraying, and if you have a bag, make sure there are no holes or wear spots. Check all metal parts for rust or wear. If it turns out there is a component that is broken or damaged, you may need to take it in for repair, or replace it entirely-this, of course depends on which parts are damaged, the size of the mower, and how old it may be.

You can find lawn mowers and parts easily, using a huge variety of resources around you. The internet is a great venue to find inexpensive repair parts, accessories, or upgrades. You can also find tutorials and manuals for mower repair-which could save you money if you've got a knack for mechanical work.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Used Cars And Where You Can Find Them

When you want to buy a used car, you must ensure to do your homework properly. Being used cars, these vehicles may definitely need some repairs. If more repairs have to be done, you will be incurring more expenses on them. This aspect must be taken into consideration while you negotiate the price of the vehicle with the sellers. If you are lucky to get a vehicle with a low mileage, it may not require more repairs. The advantage in buying a used car is that your car insurance amount will be less. But, before making a decision, you should ensure to check the papers because if you are careless, you may end up buying a stolen car or one that may have been damaged in floods. Therefore, it is imperative that you know the full history of the vehicle. By running the Vehicle Identification number of the car online, you can find out the history of the car. You can buy your used car through the following sources:

- You can buy used cars by going through the classified ads on the newspapers and on the Internet. But, you should never ignore the step of inspecting the cars before you make a decision.

- Offline and online auctions are good places from where you can buy such used cars. You can take part in police auctions also in which impounded cars are auctioned. The advantage in buying through police auctions is that you will be knowing the real condition of the cars because it is a government department and they do not hide things in such government departments. But, you must not fail to inspect the cars before choosing your used car even if you try to buy it through police auctions.

- Another good source from which you can buy your used car is through friends, relatives and acquaintances. You may kindly inform every one you know that you are looking for a used car. If they come across a good used car, they will inform you. It is better to buy your used car through known sources. But, even then, you should inspect the car before closing the deal.

- You can also try with dealers of used cars for buying a used car. Dealers will have their in-house mechanics and hence, they will keep the cars in a good condition. But, you should make it a point to take your mechanic with you, inspect the cars and also test-drive them before zeroing in on the right car.

It is better you explore all the above options so that you can choose the right used car for your use.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Hydrogen Powered Cars and Vehicles

One of the promising "future fuels" is hydrogen. Although hydrogen is already used as fuel in vehicles like cars, buses, and rockets, it still is not feasible to have it propagated to the masses. Hydrogen powered cars are now available but only for fleet lease and commercial vehicles.

Hydrogen shares the same principle as fossil fuel in terms of being used as fuel. Hydrogen is still burned in the combustion chamber that will eventually convert it to mechanical energy. In fuel cells, hydrogen is reacted with oxygen to produce electricity (with a by-product of water) that will power an electric motor. Also they are considered as zero-emission vehicles.

Hydrogen powered cars are slowly gaining popularity in industrialized nations. With the government's heavy subsidies, people are slowly flocking to the hydrogen fuel cell cars. Many car manufacturers have a hydrogen car in their model line-up. But they are mostly prototype or leased to private corporations. But in June 2008, Honda unveiled the first commercial hydrogen fuel cell car, the FCX Clarity. It plans to produce 200 cars in the next three years. This is initially available in California because of the hydrogen infrastructure existing there.

The integral part of the FCX Clarity is the fuel cell. Simply put a fuel cell converts chemical energy into electrical energy. A fuel cells output is DC voltage which will then power an electric motor. The type of fuel cell depends on the electrolytes that it will use. Also there are types for stationary or mobile-portable use. A fuel cell will convert energy more efficiently than gasoline engine. According to some calculations, if hydrogen is used as primary chemical in fuel cell, it could convert 80% of hydrogen into electricity. Converting this electricity into mechanical energy uses an inverter; a reasonable efficiency ratio for this is around 80%. Getting the overall efficiency we will get around 64% comparing to a gasoline engine with and efficiency ratio of around 20%

So why are hydrogen power not coming online as fast as we expect? First is the problem of producing hydrogen itself. The economics of producing it is not yet feasible for mass production. In fact, hydrogen production could contribute to emission of more greenhouse gases because of the fossil fuel used to in its process. It will be more prudent if we could make hydrogen using alternative fuels like solar, wind, or nuclear power. Hydrogen infrastructure to support a big mass base is still not yet developed. Either you have more hydrogen filling station or bring an insanely big tank of hydrogen whenever you travel. Another problem is the storage issue of hydrogen. As this is a very volatile gas greater care must be practiced in handling it.

Fuel cell cost is also a big issue right now. The components that make up this fuel cells are very costly specially the rare metals that are used in it. Currently a PEMFC (a common type of fuel cell membrane) generation cost is at $110 per kilowatt, compared to the $35 per kilowatt for gas powered cars.

But hydrogen is still a great and promising alternative fuel. If developments will continue to move along we could expect a hydrogen-car filled future.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Importance of Selecting Good Car Performance Parts

Used car parts are now being preferred by many people as against purchasing new components. In some instances, a few people may do this because they have restraints on their budget, require a car temporarily, or require testing out a particular model. The used auto parts are available online although it is possible to find car performance parts in the junkyards or offline automobile stores. Chinese duplicate parts are also available but they are not reliable or long lasting. It is important to be aware of several factors when one is planning to purchase accessories or used auto parts. This will help to find out if you are getting genuine or fake parts.

Visiting a junkyard is a good idea if you are interested in looking for car performance parts. You can select from the different ones available and also try them out before purchasing them. The price can be negotiated at these places; however this is something that cannot be done when you go to dealers of automobile parts. You can get the right auto parts for your car but be very cautious as even junkyard owners can try to sell auto parts that are not of good quality to unsuspecting consumers who are not very well versed with buying these car parts.

You can also look for auto parts at gas stations that are found on state highways. Some gas stations remove these used parts from broken-down cars that are abandoned on the highway and sell them. Production of new cars is on the rise. There is popular demand from consumers for used car parts as there are many of them available. People who crush cars also hand out quality car parts before crushing the cars. If you are lucky you can get warranties on the purchases made in some places.

If you are the owner of a special classic car, search the internet to find the best car parts online providers. You will have to be careful about these parts as you are unable to check out their functioning when you see them online. It is difficult to find genuine parts for vintage cars as they are rare. If the car parts are made by local manufacturers and are not genuine, your car will not perform to the best of its ability. It is important to check if these parts match those of your car by informing the dealers of the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Details about the type, engine specialty, transmission and other manufacturing details should be available to the seller in order to provide the best car performance parts.

It may prove advantageous to purchase used car parts if you have a good idea of the best places to source these parts. If you are unsure, get a mechanic who specializes in car parts to help you purchase these used car performance parts. Make sure that the rate is reasonable and the parts are usable as this will stand you in good stead for a long time to come.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Dinan Cars Announce Parts Availability for BMW 328

Dinan Cars, an automotive company in the United States known for designing and manufacturing aftermarket performance parts for BMW vehicles, recently announced the availability of new BMW 328 Coupe and Sedan components. The company not only produces aftermarket parts for BMW vehicles but also for the MINI brand. The said company is based in Morgan Hill, California and is also known for designing and building BMW racing engines for the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series Daytona Prototype class. Its products are sold through a marketing network composed of different BMW dealerships and other independent auto shops across the United States.

The BMW 328 is under the 3 Series that was redesigned by the German car manufacturer last year. For this car model, Dinan Cars announced the availability of the Ram-Air Intake Assembly although this would only be for the sedan version. The company stated that they used the ram air effect to give the air intake assembly better access to air. The said component scoops up air from the area close to the brake duct. This is in addition to the already existing air duct. The air flow from both of these components gives the engine more air. The use of this component can improve the torque and horsepower output of an engine.

The responsiveness of the engine to the demand of the driver is also increased giving extra power when it is needed. The aftermarket part is composed of an aluminum "air scoop", a silicone hose, and an air-box duct. Tests have shown that this aftermarket performance part can increase power output by as much as 7 horsepower and 6 lb-ft of torque at 6600 revs per minute.

Another for sedan only aftermarket part that was announced to be available by Dinan Cars is the Free Flow Exhaust. The said component is designed to reduce back pressure. For performance enthusiasts, back pressure is considered a bad thing since it reduces the power output of an engine. It is generated by an exhaust system with many twists and bends. Although laws have been passed to increase back pressure to eliminate loud noise, the Free Flow Exhaust uses design technology which reduces backpressure but at the same time keeps the engine noise to a minimum level.

The exhaust part is made out of 100 percent stainless steel. This means that the component can resist corrosion for a considerably long time. The aftermarket part is also designed to fit the factory hangers and its connection with the exhaust manifold. Dinan Cars announced that this same exhaust will be available for BMW 328 coupes shortly.

Another product available from Dinan Cars is the Strut Tower Brace for both the coupe and the sedan version of the BMW 328. The strut bar is a suspension system component used to complement MacPherson struts. The said component provides better strength to the strut towers. According to Dinan Cars, the new strut tower brace they have designed will "help to maintain the structural integrity of the towers over the life of the vehicle as well as providing sharper handling by reducing flex under harder cornering conditions." This gives better ride comfort to the already smooth driving BMW 328. The aftermarket part is precision engineered to fit the strut tower reinforcements. This ensures that the aftermarket part will perfectly complement the stock components used on the coupe and sedan.

The strut tower brace is recommended by Dinan to be used with another product they have designed and produced and is now available in the market. The Stage 1 Suspension system for both coupe and sedan is composed of a Dinan Performance Springs, Koni Strut and rear shocks, and bumpstops. The suspension assembly increase road grip of the tires and also reduces body roll. The assembly also lowers the car giving it a truly performance car look.

Dinan Cars is one of the leading manufacturers of BMW aftermarket parts such as BMW belts, body kit, and other accessories. With a long standing agreement with BMW dealers which allows Dinan-modified vehicles to retain the factory warranty. Usually, the warranty that comes along with a vehicle is immediately lost after a modification has been made to the vehicle. This shows how Dinan Cars has created a name for itself in the United States auto industry.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Unique Characteristics of Low Rider Cars and Bikes

A low rider refers to a vehicle in which the suspension and hydraulic system was modified to make rides as low as it could. Low riders have controls with their height adjustable suspension. Most of these are typical cars from the year 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. It has a lot of accessories out in the market to cater to the enthusiasts. And because of many modifications in its internal parts, such rides are more prone to damage or obstructions along the road and are not legally allowed to ply the streets.

Low riders started in East Los Angeles as a phenomenon for Mexican-Americans, with majority of its riders being Latinos. A customized hydraulic suspension system is very common features here. They have direct control on the suspension to alter the height, from simple to complex systems. It varies the combination of two battery-powered hydraulic pumps to produce specific movement of the vehicle.

Low riders were popularized and began as part of the Californian and Southwestern American metropolitan civilization. They aim to cruise as slow as possible as what their motto says, "Bajito y Suavecito" or "Low and Slow." Their urban culture became universal in the early 1990s in West Coast hip hop.

In today's new era, low riding outlook varies in many other cultures. Vehicles have new visual styles and appearance but still it is an important thing for the Chicano community. For all intents and purposes, all options in low riders are still available at low rider builders with their styles that vary from coast to coast.

Summertime is the most awaited season as it is the time when they go outside and hang around with their group. Some riders and tavern owners have their weekly gatherings together with their friends. Some will go for a drag race for a more thrilling experience. Low riders are typically seen in a prearranged shows or competitions.

In 1962, one of the most popular low rider was the 1964 Chevy Impala hardtop edition. Another model was the 1958 - 1964 Impalas. Meanwhile, the 1961 - 1964 Chevrolet Impala become the fastest selling car together with the 1978 - 88 GM G-bodies. Also hot in the market were the Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, Buick Regal and the Pontiac Grand Prix. The 1973 - 1977 relative edition became the entry level low riders.

During intense customization of low rider cars, some go by in restoring stock cars particularly those American cars in 1930s - 1960s. Other countries like the Volvo PV544, VW Beetle, Morris Minor, Ford Zodiac, Vauxhall Cresta, Vauxhall Victor to be their substitutes for American car because of the shortage of imported cars and its costs in producing new vehicles.

Low rider cars were only in for only a year when the bikers were inspired and customized their own bikes for a low ride too. These inspired bicycles, a well modified bike, features long, curved banana seats, upward - swept handlebars, and with sissy bars. It is excessively chromed up with big wheels and velvet use as common accessories of these customized two-wheel rides.

Low rider bikes first came out and were recognized in the 1960s. It was first seen customized by George Barris in America. After that, the Schwinn Co. introduced to the market the new muscle bike or the so-called Sting-Ray that George Barris first used. It was featured in the Munster.

Until now, low rider bikes are famous and popular with its new designs and distinctive looks, fully customized and modified body in addition to its air hydraulic cylinder. Features include a height adjustable suspension, highly refined chrome, metal frame, twisted forks, handlebars or spokes, sissy bars and the mounted 2-seater love seat.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Make a DIY Hydrogen Generator For Your Cars and Get More MPG

Hydrogen power has had a lot of attention recently and you may be surprised to learn that a lot of people are turning to this new technology to make huge savings on their driving costs. With one of the largest costs of motoring being the cost of gasoline many people who are looking for ways to get more MPG for their vehicles have realised that it is very easy to make a DIY hydrogen generator for their cars and improve their fuel economy by up to 50%.

There are many advantages of using a hydrogen generator for your cars, the first one being that they are cheap and easy to construct and install into your existing vehicle with little or no modifications needed. The parts needed to make a DIY hydrogen generator can be easily obtained from local auto stores or even hardware stores and are just ordinary inexpensive items. You will not need to spend a lot of time searching for specialist parts that have to be ordered or custom made.

Some of these items are things like electrical wiring which is used to connect the DIY hydrogen generator to your vehicles battery which in turn provides the power to run it. Other items include a quart sized water container, some small vacuum hoses, and even baking soda, the latter being used as a catalyst for the system. If you do not have the time to assembly this simple shopping list you can even buy a hydrogen generator kit which includes all the parts needed.

If you opt for the hydrogen generator kit you will also receive full instructions for putting together your DIY hydrogen generator. These kits obviously tend to be a bit more expensive than if you where building a homemade hydrogen generator from scratch, but they do have the advantage of having everything you will need at your fingertips, and you will not have to search for instruction guides to assemble it.

On the other hand there are many good step by step instruction guides available on the internet that can be instantly downloaded to your computer and then printed out into a handy manual. These guides will tell you exactly what parts you will need and then show you how to put it all together to make your very own DIY hydrogen generator. If you have the time to search the internet for these guides it can work out quite a bit cheaper than if you purchase a hydrogen generator kit.

So it's really up to you which way you go about building your own DIY hydrogen generator. You can either go for the hydrogen generator kit with everything that you need included, or if you prefer to be more hands on you can construct it yourself from inexpensive parts that are easily obtained and the aid of an easy to follow instruction guide. And don't worry if you have no mechanical skills as long as you can use a screwdriver and wrench just about anyone can do it. Whatever you decide once you have your own hydrogen generator you can start reaping the rewards and get more MPG for your car.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Tuner Cars - What Happened to Collector Cars and Muscle Cars?

When I was a kid, my dad had a 1970 Ford Torino, which was both a collector car and a muscle car with the rebuilt small block engine he put into it.  It was a 4 speed, totally remodeled and he always kept it as clean as he could.  I remember my mother always yelling at my dad, mostly because he would go out to clean his car in his spare time.  She use to scream "Why are you always fiddling with your collector car?  We have a Jetta that doesn't run and rotting Fox, which is so bad, my feet are going to bust through the floor!"  Of course he would then tend to those every day drivers, but I could tell he truly loved his Torino.

Today, many of the younger generations have turned to foreign cars like Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi.  What ever happened to restoring older collector and muscle cars, like what my dad did with his Torino? 

Here is a list of influences the younger generations with these tuner cars have grown interest towards, which have made them grow out of collector and muscle cars:

1) Technology
2) Music
3) Movies

The number one reason why younger generations have turned to foreign cars to build tuner cars is technology changes.  Until recently, there was never power options, computers, and as many aftermarket performance parts as there is today.  Technology alone is the reason there is change in anything! Look at you now sitting in front of the Internet on the computer.  The older generations did not have access to the Internet, giving them limited resources to get the few aftermarket parts that where around. 

The popular music of recent times, which my grandfather refers to as "noise," has really let younger generations with tuner cars evolve into a more open minded way of life, ultimately giving them the want to be unique.  This is what auto tuners of today's world strive for!  The chance to be noticed, seen, and recognized for being wild and crazy with their car inventions has given auto tuners the want to express their emotions, personality, and way of life through their car, which many hip hop artists, techno music creators, and death metal bands are trying to express.

The last major reason younger generations have made the move from collector cars and muscle cars into tuning foreign cars, is because of movies.  Movies have really given an image to what people can do with cars.  Tuner cars really don't have any limitations and will continue to grow.  When the first tuner car movie hit theaters, "The Fast and The Furious," many kids where already driving older, inexpensive foreign cars.  The hundreds of tuner cars that where featured in that movie really brought younger generations into a new way of being an auto tuner, and ultimately a new way of life.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

What Do You Know About Porsche Wheels and Parts?

Porsche wheels are popular among car owners and so are the Porsche parts. Porsche comes with alloy wheels that are expensive and need efficient care, since they are subject to road debris, dirt and brake dust coming out of brake pads. You have to clean the Porsche wheels regularly so they remain dirt-free. Certain Porsche wheels have a unique anodized finish, which may damage easily on cleaning it with a wrong cleaner.

Porsche wheels upgrade your car and offer it an attractive look. The wheel's bolt pattern decides over the compatibility of a car or if it is actually compatible with a car. Other than alloy wheels, Porsche parts also come with black wheels and chrome wheels. Porsche car parts are indeed good for your car as they look well whenever you drive.

Porsche Parts:

Porsche parts are manufactured to address any requirement. For instance, Porsche wheels may be of numerous styles namely zehn, lemans, mulsanne, tourismo or florio depending on user requirements. In addition, these wheel specs may also change according to the needed car model or type. They are classified into Panamera, Cayenne, 911 and Cayman.

Exhaust tube of the Porsche parts comes in many styles and capacities and complements each model. The tube includes Gibson exhaust, Borla exhaust and turbo exhaust. Porsche tail lights are of Light Emitting Diode (LED) beam and come in colors such as dark or light smoke and as clear or tinted tails.

Porsche parts include fuel injectors, spacers and air filters, which lend comfort while driving.

Cleaning Porsche Wheels:

1. Wash them off using a hose for removing debris and dirt, leaves and mud. Spray water inside the wheel's arch for removing filth, which may come again after you clean the wheels thoroughly for once.

2. Take mild cleaner having correct pH balance and spray it on the wheels to prevent the wheel's anodized finish from damaging. You may purchase a mild cleaner from any Porsche dealer.

3. Gently scrub the center of the wheel using a cleaning brush. Also, scrub on the wheel rim including other areas. Make use of cotton swabs for cleaning areas that are difficult to reach.

4. Dry the Porsche wheels using a lint-free, clean rag.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Electric Cars and the Price of Gas

The price of gas is on the rise again, in August of 1990 the nationwide average price of a gallon of regular gas was $119.10. The lowest price seen since then was in Feb 1999, when it was an astounding 88.5 cents a gallon. In June 2008 it went over a wallet crushing $4.00 a gallon. Here are some gas price milestones:

  • Feb 1999 -- 88.5 cents (you will never see this again)
  • March 2000 -- $151.1
  • May 2004 -- $202.6
  • Aug 2005 -- $251.9
  • Sept 2005 -- $303.7
  • April 2008 -- $356.6
  • June 2008 -- $400.7 (ouch!)

In the 1990's electric cars were more of a novelty, something tinkerers with a lot of time on their hands built, but that had little practical use. At the beginning of the new millennium there was a new realization that maybe electric cars were something that had real value, by 2008 the idea of having an electric car was becoming quite popular. The problem for most people was that it was very difficult to buy an electric car, companies that build these cars have been increasing, but the very high cost of these vehicles put them beyond the reach of most people.

Today it has become practical to convert a car to electric power, all you need is a car and a good manual to guide you through the process. A good manual will have links to various sites that are parts suppliers, chapters on motors, controllers, batteries, and wiring schematics. It should be completely illustrated and be written in a clear and easy to understand manner. Gas Prices may seem to have stabilized right now, but think about this, prices have risen over 250% in the last ten years, has your income risen by that much? This is not going to change, the time of cheap gas is over and will never be back, so don't you think it is about time to do something before $50-$100 fill ups return.

Now is the time to join the thousands of people who have already converted to an electric car, It is not as difficult as you may imagine with the right Electric Car Manual, so get started today and in a short time you can have your own clean running zero emission car.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Muscle Cars And an Automotive Blog

Automobiles have been an exciting adventure for those who are interested in all phases of their construction, from their origin to what makes one especially unique. This includes things such as car restoration, classic cars and muscle cars. Every day something new is revealed about these cars or one that was thought gone forever is found. This information can be found on an automotive blog.

If you are interested in old muscle cars they can still be found. Sometimes they are just sitting around, rusted and covered with weeds or vines. This makes it even more exciting as they can usually be purchased for very little or obtained by just hauling them away. These seem to appear more often in the farming areas of the Midwestern states and will require some exploration and keeping a sharp eye to spot what you are looking for.

Surprisingly enough, if you want to rebuild the car, back to its original condition, there are parts available. These are often obtainable at car swap meets or with people who specialize in carrying these kinds of parts. There is a man, recently featured in a news clip, who has a huge warehouse full of parts for every type of old car and they are in their original boxes. He does not advertise so one would have to research Internet news features to locate him.

Of course, if you just want to own one of these cars, that has already been refurbished, they are offered on the Internet or at car shows, auctions and swap meets. Be prepared to pay a fairly high price, depending on the style, year and model. In addition, it is important to check and see if the original parts have been used in the restoration or substitutes have been made as this lowers the value considerably.

Owning an early model muscle car, especially if you have restored it yourself, gives a sense of pride that cannot be duplicated. People are always in awe of the beautiful product that represents time long gone and is presented in mint condition. It can proudly be driven in a parade, shown at car shows or displayed elsewhere as your favorite possession and you will be the envy of your friends and fellow muscle car owners. Checking an automotive blog will keep you up on the latest news concerning old time cars.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Four Door Cars And What Is So Good About Them

When you are looking at the car of your dreams, you may notice just one little flaw. There are only two doors for you and your family to use. This may not be big enough and you may not be able to get your entire family in the car for a ride or to just go to the movies. So what do you do? You get a four door car instead.

Four door cars have been around for a long time and you may have had one when you were growing up for your family to ride in. These cars are normally good on gas and have lots of run to stretch. They also have auto parts that are easy to find and fairly easy to install in your car. You are going to like the idea of your child not kicking you in the back and these four door cars can do it for you.

Four door cars are one of the first choices for those that have families now-a-days. You may not think that you are going to have a family that is that big, but you just might. Many four door car owners thought that they were not going to have a real need for a car of this size until the babies came and then the friends of those kids wanting a ride to the part or to their home.

The auto parts that go onto a four door car are great and inexpensive for the most part. You may find that you need a part that you thought was going to run you a lot more money then it ends up running you in the end.

This can be a great thing for you to think about if you are a part of a big family. You may not think about this, but you probably should. This way you will get a car that you and your entire family will enjoy and get a lot of use out of. You want to be safe and you want to have a comfortable ride for you when you are all going on any kind of long trip. You should also make sure that you have all your auto parts checked on your four door car before you go on your long trip to your favorite place.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

BMW Parts to Trick Out Your Car and Get All the Hot Chicks

Are you searching for BMW Aftermarket Parts for your vehicle? If that's the case, then there are several cool things that you can add to your BMW. Why would you want to add stuff to your perfect BMW? Some people like to modify their vehicle to make it stand out above the rest. Sure! BMW cars look cool just the way they are, but some times you might think that if you just added something small and simple that it could make your car look so much better.

There are several things you could add to your BMW. Depending on how old your BMW is, maybe some HID Headlights to give it a new makeover. Or how about adding some Clear Corners to the turn signal? Also adding some Chrome Bulbs to the blinkers will make your car look as if it's from the future. How about some DPE Wheels? Have you thought about Brembo Brakes for your car? There are so many cool things you can do to modify your vehicle. The best thing about these modifications is most of these are easy to do.

There are several models of BMW's on the market. Each vehicle has its own unique look and style. By searching the internet for "BMW Modification" you can come up with a ton of unique ideas.

Just by joining car enthusiast groups, you'll find a ton of useful information and where to find the most affordable BMW parts on the market. If you know somebody who has the same BMW as you and also modifies their vehicle, you can get tons of useful advice.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Quality Car Accessories Parts For Your Car's Stereo System

Believe it or not but if you find the right car accessories parts dealing with audio and sound, you can transform your vehicle's sound system from a tiny beach radio to a bass-boosting fantastic music machine with sound so great you can hear when a pin drops. Today there are lots of sound accessories from a variety of brands such as Pioneer car accessories, iPod car accessories and many more that can turn this into a reality. Today you don't have to rely on a few CDs in your car's glove compartment and you are not stuck with the music your local radio station are playing either.

The iPod has developed to a multi-faceted digital audio system since its inception by Apple in 2001. This sound system has gone through different incarnations, from the Mini to the Shuffle model. The BMW was the first vehicle company to include iPod car accessories and technology in its vehicles. In 2005, Apple announced the expansion into other auto brands, such as Volkswagen, Honda, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and others. Now, almost any car can be equipped with adaptors and interfaces to incorporate the use of an iPod.

Factory radio iPod interfaces can be bought through many online sites and car accessories parts stores that would allow you to use your own radio controls as controls for your iPod By connecting certain iPod vehicle accessories, thousands of songs can be downloaded and accessed through your own car music system. Quality interfaces from Panasonic, JVC, Sony and Pioneer can all be bought new or after market.

Another useful iPod vehicle accessory part is the iPod cup holder mount. This contraption fits conveniently in any standard cup holder and allows you to slide your iPod into a position that is easily accessible, thus avoiding it to slide across your dashboard or passenger seat while you drive.

If you're looking for an easier connection from your iPod to your vehicle's stereo system, there are a few options for you. The most frugal is a wireless FM transmitter. This transmitter attaches through the headphones jack of your iPod and broadcasts music over a localized FM band within your car. The changeableness of this item makes it possible to bring it from vehicle to vehicle no matter what the vehicle's radio capabilities are. The only necessity is that the radio can pick up a FM signal.

However, if you're looking for something a little more permanent for your car that also have a very clear and great sound, you don't have to look further than Pioneer. This vendor has several options available when it comes to audio car accessories. The Pioneer CD-ID100II model provides a connector between your iPod and whatever Pioneer audio system you've invested in. The connector also doubles as a charger for an iPod model. If you add some select Pioneer car accessories such as the TS-CX7 Surround Stereo Sound System, a high class SPL Subwoofer plus a Bluetooth Hands-free CD Tuner with iPod controls, then you'll have yourself the envy of all car sound systems.

I cannot see any reason to go for the ordinary and standard stock music systems that comes with your vehicle when you pick it up at the dealership. In the market of today you have a wide range of options all with great sound when it comes to car accessories. Vendors like Pioneer, iPod and others have sound systems for your vehicle in all price ranges. With a decent car sound system installed in you vehicle you can finally have the listening experience you deserve and if you are a music lover I would say it's a must to have it.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Dog Training - How to Teach a Dog Or Puppy to Behave in Cars and Enjoy Car Travel

Is it possible to train a dog or puppy to travel in a car or, more to the point do you even have to consider training him/her? Surely you would just put the dog or puppy in the back of the car and away you go. You just drive to your destination, no training required. If only that were the case and it was that simple.

In an ideal world, that is exactly what would happen. But, just because you are used to getting into a car and think nothing of it, we are talking dogs and puppies here and putting him/her into a car for the first time can be whole new daunting and sometimes stressful experience.

So we have established that you cannot take for granted the fact that a dog or puppy will be entirely comfortable with being put into a car and driven around. So what steps can we take or training can we do to help him/her get used to a car and travelling in it?

The factor to any type of training is consistency on your part so; you must start as you mean to go on and be prepared to put some effort in.

The car, to a dog or puppy should almost be an extension of his/her bed, so it is viewed as a comfortable, safe place to be in and not a threat or in any way intimidating. The biggest two differences to him/her of course will be the engine noise and the movement of the car.

It is important to have some control of a dog or puppy in a moving car. It would be a dangerous and foolish thing to have him/her unrestrained. A dog guard is the easiest option to keep a dog confined or a harness that can be attached to the seat belt.

Acclimatise your dog or puppy by just letting him/her sit in the car with the engine running for short periods of time. He/she may be curious and investigate these strange surroundings, let him/her do this and once he/she realises that there is nothing threatening about the car he/she will soon settle.

The next step in training to progress is to then take him/her for short car rides so that he/she gets used to the motion of this new experience and it will soon sink in with a dog or puppy that the car is nothing to worry about.

A problem that can arise with the car training is one of excitability. This may sometimes happen because as dogs and puppies learn by repetition, once he/she realises that a ride in the car usually means a walk at the other end, he/she cannot control the excitement.

The best way to deal with this is, to put the dog or puppy into the car and leave him/her for a short time but do not travel anywhere, then take him/her out again. Do this a few times but occasionally drive a short distance with no walk, straight back to base and take him/her out of the car. After a time he/she will have no idea what to expect and so his/her anticipation level has been diminished.

This will take some hard work but just imagine the satisfaction of glancing in the rear view mirror seeing a contented dog or puppy curled up and sleeping quietly for the duration of the journey.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

An Introduction to Electric Cars and Building a Trailer

Electrics are nothing new for us. We have been using them since childhood. People of any age love these cars and if you are a car fan, you would surely want to have your own Electric Car (EC). Usually, the inexpensive electric cars do not come with the expected speed. To overcome this problem, you can always build your own electric car by researching a little.

In this particular article, I am going to give you foreword about electric cars. A normal EC consists of two major components, an engine and a battery. If both of these components are used properly, the final EC will be much better than the old ones you purchased from market. Chassis is another part of the EC which is as important as battery or engine. A better chassis will give an attractive look to your electric car and then you can even sell your EC.

This is the brief introduction to EC. Now, I will move ahead with building a trailer introduction. Building a trailer would sound very complicated at first but if you research on internet, you would find a lot of guides on how you can build your own trailer. It saves money which you would pay to mechanic otherwise, it gives you experience and on second try you would come up with an appealing trailer which would be much better than the first one.

Tools, equipments, components you usually require to build a trailer are; axle kit, weight capacity, frame, suspension. If you are very new to this, ask for the help of some experienced person. That will save your time as well as cost.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Buy My Car and Car Recycling

You've heard of the many cash for gold services kicking around the internet by now most likely and you're no doubt aware of just how useful these can be in helping you to easily exchange gold that you have lying around your house for money. Well what you might not have known is that a similar service also exists for cars, and that you can easily sell your car to companies with none of the hassle attached to normally disposing of a car or selling one. Here we will look at why it's so useful to use these services.

If you are getting a new car, then selling your old one and getting cash for it is one of the number one ways to ensure that buying the new vehicle is much easier. You will this way be able to choose a much nicer and safer car and it will be longer before you need to replace it again - so it's more than worth doing. Even if you aren't buying a new car though, and you're just ceasing driving altogether by selling your old one, then it's still useful to have some additional income to help you in your day-to-day expenses or just so that you can treat yourself to something potentially.

The option then is to sell your car to a private individual, or to a friend, or to sell it to one of these car buying services. The latter is the far quicker, easier and more practical way to sell your car for many reasons and while you might not get quite the same amount of cash for it, you will save money in other ways and certainly a lot of time.

The fact of the matter is that if you sell your car to a buy my car service then they aren't likely going to care about the tax or the MOT, and they won't care that it hasn't been cleaned in days. If they're reselling it then they're going to have to go through a valet service anyway and have it serviced so it makes no difference to them whether you've done that previously. If they are planning on recycling the car or using it for parts then they will not even care about the service history or any faulty suspension etc. This then means that you don't need to spend any money on the car before you sell it and you can simply take it in as is and then leave with a profit. While the cost of the car might be less then, you will still get the same overall profit and with a lot less hassle.

Of course the speed of all this is much quicker too and the whole process is painless and professional. If you are selling your car in the neighborhood alternatively then that will mean leaving the car outside with a price on the window - where it is just begging to be vandalized or stolen, and where it will be getting damaged by the weather anyway. Then you have to invite strangers into your home and take the time to demo them the car only not to hear back from them... so selling your car automatically is far preferable.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Keep Your Car and the Earth Healthy

We talk a lot about Greenhouse effects. We look for hybrid cars that can run on alternative fuels to save the nature and a lot of money. We are worried about the hike in gas price and think about different ways to reduce regular traveling costs.

But, in the process we often forget some apparently minute details that actually work havoc both on the nature and our pockets.

For example, we are worried about the hike in gas price and we also know that the car would give us better mileage only if the engine is in good condition. Yet we forget to check the engine's health regularly. Do you really remember what was the last time you did a through health check of your car! We often leave our car to services station but do not have enough time to check the car's condition ourselves.

The common tendency is, unless there is a major problem, we often ignore the situation. For example, we do not take care of rusts unless things have turned really worst or unless rust has eaten up a major part of the body. The funny thing is that, people are more concerned about rust in the outer part of the car - mainly because it affects the beauty of the car and another reason is that these are the most visible parts of the car. However, we often forget to check below the car. We ignore it though we know that this is the most effected surface of the car especially in the salty and muddy conditions.

A lot of car owners think that it is really a very tough job to clean rust from inside a car. And to add to this, they cannot afford to send the car in a service station as and when required. However, if they had given some attention to the details they could easily keep the car in great condition.

A lot of people say that they used to take good care of their car. They used to take different precautions to keep their car rust free. But rust came back even faster. And thus they have left everything (like regular waxing) beyond the routine check up.

This is really a problem. No rust remover can make a promise that rust would never come back. To the most a good rust remover can keep rust away from the car for a certain period. If you use good quality rust cleaner it will not only clean the rust deeply, it would also keep rust away for a longer period.

These simple things can ensure that we get a better mileage from your car and these will also ensure less carbon emission. The same rule applies to hybrid cars too. You must keep your car in good condition for optimum performance.

By the way, while selecting your rust products, make sure that you select an organic rust remover - that would be safe both for the user and the car. And this would also make sure we are keeping our environment away from harmful chemicals used in different rust removers.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance - Part 1

Are you having an auto insurance policy or are you planning to apply for one? In either case, it is necessary to be well aware of all the particulars of the policy. If you read between the lines and take an informed decision, you can actually save thousands of dollars on your car insurance. Here are a few guidelines that will help you do so:

1) Ask for Higher Deductibles:

The 'deductible' refers to the sum of money that you are required to fork over before the policy comes to the rescue. The entire cost of the collision and comprehensive coverage can be brought down by 10% to 40% by merely increasing the deductibles from $200 to as much as $1,000. So, before signing off any deal, make sure you ask for higher deductibles.

2) Abstain from unnecessary coverage:

If you have a second-hand or an old car with a very less market value, it is better to do without collision and comprehensive coverage. In short, make sure that the coverage value does not exceed your vehicle's current market value. You can evaluate the market values of different automobiles online on automotive websites.

3) Do not buy a high-status car:

If you are really keen at saving some dollars on your auto insurance policy for your future, do not get tempted into buying high-profile cars. Most of these expensive automobiles are light and delicate, owing to which they do not have a great safety record. Moreover, they are also expensive to repair. This is the reason why it is so costly to get these vehicles insured.

4) Do Without a Duplicate Medical Coverage:

Apart from buying the minimum personal injury protection that is mandatory, you can also duplicate your medical coverage if you wish. However, you should forgo such duplicate coverage if you are already enjoying a good health or disability insurance.

Following the above guidelines will help you save a lot on your auto insurance policy by avoiding unnecessary costs and coverage. However, there are several other ways to save money on such policies. To know more, go through the Part 2 of this article that discusses several other ways to cut costs on auto insurance policies.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Getting the Car and Financing You Need

Purchasing a new car may be one of the most costly investments that you enter into aside from a new home. These days, having a car that is reliable and gets you where you want to be is not a luxury, it's a necessity. Still, that does not mean that it is something that you can manage to pay for to excess.

That means that it is crucial to locate your very best deal on the car, the insurance and especially the financing associated with it. One way that you can do that is to use the internet to do your shopping for you. In the majority of cases, the internet is going to be your best bet to research not only new cars and where to find out them, but also the type of car that you would like to remove.

While you are surfing on the web to conclude your ideal new car, you might want to also explore your options for loans at the same time. On the internet car dealerships can guide you to check out pricing and to find the kind of car that you'd like to own as well as to find what you may best manage.

Seeking out specifications on the internet for car dealers and new car sales in your area will help you to go to the car dealership well prepared for your are purchasing. In most cases the better prepared that you are, the more rapidly and cheaply that you could complete your transaction and be on your way out with your brand new car. Choose the vehicle that you want based upon the type of vehicle that you may most favorable handle, as well as the insurance costs that may be incurred for that particular car.

Along the way, there will be other different factors that you may need to pay for. Not only insurance will be more costly with a given kind of car. In addition, parts will be more costly as well as petrol to fuel your new machine. Those different things that are going to put your new car into the range that you can not comfortably afford are the items needed to consider and set aside before you go to your new car sales venue.

Once you are on the internet, an straight forward way to be sure that you are going to be well wanting to make your payments will be to select the car that you think you are able in and then do a blank check of the costs that you will incur for the insurance and other items to do with the car.

Make sure you do your homework and find the right lender for you. You may be looking for solely an auto loan provider and you may be looking for more of a holistic lending relationship with someone that can offer other products. It is your loan and ultimately your payments in question. To find more information about buying your next car or getting the car financing you need, go online to OpenRoad Lending. There you can find all of the information you need for purchasing and financing your next car or truck.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

How to Find a Good, Clean, Used Car and Pay Less

How to buy a Car

Buying a car is usually our second biggest investment after our home purchase and most of us will do it more than once in our life.

There is something emotional about cars, it represents our taste and style, our economic status and our character. Some women even claim that a car is a man's extension of his reproductive organ. One the other hand (the good hand:-) there are women out there that might express their exhibitionism and extravagance by choosing to drive a red flashy car for the whole world to notice them. Both sexes would agree they sometimes feel they "fall in love" with a certain car model.

There are people who get very existed from a small scratch on the cars lower side, as if it were their own skin. The beauty of the car, its aerodynamics shape, the gadgets inside, the seats the feel of it all play a major part in our decision making.

In our modern life it's almost impossible to function without one and it's expensive to acquire, to finance and to maintain.

Buying a Used Car

The question I would like to bring up here is whether it's wise to buy a used car or to make an additional effort and buy a new car.

If you look at it purely from an economical stand point then it's quiet obvious that due to the fact that you miss out on the heaviest depreciation hit the average car absorbs in the first two and three years it's wise to buy a used car. A car of two or even three years on the road is basically a new car and in some cases didn't even finished the manufacturers original bumper to bumper warranty. (Not included labor:-(

On the average you might save on a used car anywhere between

$3,000 to $8,000. In case you know how to do it via a car dealer that will buy the car for you at a car auction limited to car dealers only (for a couple of hundreds of Dollars commission(you might even get a real bargain.

Another good reason to buy a used car is the fact you can put your hands on a bigger or better or in other words more car for the same budget as the new smaller car would have cost you.

More and more manufacturers offer "certified pre-owned" programs. Cars sold as certified pre-owned (CPO) bridge the gap between new and used. They are subject to a rigorous inspection and repair process, and usually are covered by a warranty from the manufacturer. CPO cars will usually cost a bit more, but the added warranty and peace of mind makes them a good value.

Where do you get the market value of the cars, that's pretty easy, all you have to do is follow this link: Blue Book -

When purchasing a used car you should protect yourself from buying a flood damaged vehicle by doing a little research and by having the vehicle thoroughly checked by a mechanic. Rain, thunderstorms, swelling rivers and seasonal hurricanes hitting the coastlines all contribute to flooding disasters that can mean serious water damage to vehicles in those areas.

Water damage from 1999's Hurricane Floyd ruined approximately 75,000 vehicles and more than half of those ended up back on the road. Tropical Storm Allison damaged another 95,000 in 2001 and Hurricane Ivan left more than 100,000 vehicles water-logged. The numbers for Hurricane Katrina are expected to skyrocket above half-a-million and safety experts warn that many of these flood damaged vehicles also will be dried out and offered for sale. Hurricanes and tropical storms, however, are only part of the problem.

Flooding can occur throughout the year and in any part of the country; however, auto industry analysts caution consumers that the risk of buying a flood damaged car is not limited to these areas. Flood damaged cars are often repaired cosmetically, and moved to adjacent states or even across the country where they are sold to unsuspecting consumers. These floodwaters can cause damage to vehicle computer and electrical systems, as well as potentially causing anti-lock braking and airbag systems to malfunction. World Trade Center Damaged Cars, thousands of cars were damaged in New York City on 9/11/2001. It's a prime example of disasters having long term effects other than the initial death and destruction. These cars will no doubt be salvaged, rebuilt, sold at car auctions and have their titles rebuilt, most likely out of state.

An important help is the nationwide history data base of the cars in terms of damages, salvaged, lemon, flooded, fraud, accidents, rental etc' you can look it up at: []

In addition it's recommended you have a mechanic check it out - A certified, trusted mechanic will test the electrical and safety systems, two of the major components that water can affect. They can also look for signs of water damage that may not be visible to the untrained eye.

Car Donation

It is estimated that every year, more than a million Americans donated their cars. Why do they donate their car? Well, few reasons: A. The proceeds go to charity organizations and it provides for the donor a good feeling of contributing to society. B. its tax deductible (Less than it used to). C. The car is being towed or driven away by the company who arranged the deal.

Unfortunately, whether through ignorance, confusion or greed, a substantial percentage of car donors have been deducting the full "suggested retail price" - what a dealer would get for reselling your trade-in instead of the fair market value. That's far more than the IRS had intended, costing the government millions in lost tax revenue.

The charities weren't making much, either. Most of the donated cars were sold by the charities for a pittance at auction, and middlemen who administered the programs on behalf of the charities took a large percentage of those meager profits.

So IRS changed the rule last year. From now on, if your car is valued more than $500, the deduction is limited to the charity's actual selling price. The donor must attach a statement of sale to the tax return in order to receive the deduction. (The charity is obligated to provide the statement within 30 days.) You are not entitled to know the deduction amount before donating your car. Although the IRS has closed the loophole in the law, there is still a way to deduct full market value of your vehicle: If the charity uses the car itself to further its specific purpose.

Additional resources:

- If you want to get extended warranty look at:

- Used Car Values at:

Sunday, 7 October 2012

HHO Gas Conversion Kit - Convert Your Car and Save Money at The Fuel Pump

A HHO Gas Conversion kit is a necessity if you are proactive and you want to save money at the fuel pump because of rising prices. Energy analysts have predicted that despite downward fluctuations in recent times, it is reasonable to expect car owners will pay $7.00 per gallon at the pump in the foreseeable future.

When doing your research over the internet in order to build your HHO Gas Conversion Kit, you ought to be careful because there are several scams on the internet that do not deliver what they advertise and having incomplete information can be detrimental for this project. Therefore is is recommended that you use the water4gas guides that have been tried and tested.

Water to gas technology is very old technology that has been around for over 90 years and it is now very prominent than before because of high fuel prices. The parts that are needed for your water hybrid car can be purchased at your local hardware store and will cost you in the range of $50-$200.

It should be pointed out that if you have never changed a tire on your car and find mechanical aspects of a car confusing then honestly this is not something that you should attempt yourself. However if you are a hobbyist or an engineer you will find this to be an exciting project from which you will reap significant rewards.

If you are not technically minded then your mechanic would be able to take on this project and your investment for the installation of the assembled HHO Gas Conversion Kit will be in the vicinity of $100.

Whether you decide to do it yourself or have your mechanic undertake this project on your behalf, safety should be practiced at all times. In addition to safety you should undertake to use the recommended material specifications described in your water4gas guide. Failing to follow the instructions in the water4gas guide could have serious consequences.

Electrolysis is the process that is used to covert water to HHO Gas or Browns gas. What happens is that an electric current passes through an aqueous solution (distilled water and baking soda) in a cylinder and splits the water into gases. Distilled water is preferred than rain or tap water because these contain significant impurities.

The final outcome from this project is significant. Firstly, you get a smoother ride in your car and secondly you increase your mpg and save money at the pump and also save the environment from smog..

It should be emphasized that this technology is reversible and at any time you can remove the installed water4gas device from your car and in addition your engine and the computer of your car are not affected in any way.

People from every country that has been affected from high fuel prices have been turning to HHO Gas Conversion Kits and this water4gas technology have been delivering exceptional results to car owners.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Race Cars And The Parts They May Need

When you start your racing career, you may not think a whole lot about the auto parts that are in your race car. You might want to though.

Getting your car race ready is not as simple as starting it up and going down the road. You have to have the right parts and know where you are going to put them on the car. This is the big question though, how you going to race and what are you going to have as your auto parts.

You can get your racing parts from many different places, but the most common one is probably going to be from the Internet. This is because you are able to get many different auto parts from many different places and are able to have them shipped right to you. This can help you because you don't have to go looking for your auto parts and they are right at your door.

You can try to get some of these auto parts from your local auto parts store as well, but these are not normally for racing purposes and you may have to have them ordered anyway. If you are able to order these parts, you could wait a long time and may have to pay more for them. The good thing is that you will not have to worry about the cost of shipping the auto parts to the store and will be able to pick it up there once it arrives.

Once you get the auto parts, you can take some time and get them installed in your car so that it runs good. This might be the thing that helps you to win the race that you are entered in.

Take some time and find the auto parts that you can use for your racing needs. Some of these will be harder to find then others, but you might be glad that you waited to find them like you did. You are the one that will race your car and you want it to be the fastest that it can be, but you want to make sure that you are safe in it too. This is a fine line that most racers flirt with on a daily basis. You will probably do the same and may even cross that line a time or two if you're not careful.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Car Enhancement Parts

Car performance parts are used to enhance the performance of your car's engine. Since they unleash the real power of your car's engine, they are a must have for all car buffs out there. Car performance parts help increase the output of your engine and are not restricted to only the modification of exhaust, spark plugs, power module and intakes. There are wide ranges of performance parts in the market to choose from. Car performance parts can be bought from original equipment manufacturers or from aftermarket dealers. Aftermarket dealers are manufacturers other than your original equipment manufacturers. Experts advise to go by original parts because they are better than aftermarket parts in the long run as compared to duplicate parts.

Types of car performance parts:

Engine: Being the single most important part of your car, there are many performance car parts available for the engine which enhance and increase the output horsepower of your car. Tweaking the engines exhaust based on the diameter, crossovers and header for optimal performance is advised by the experts.

Brakes: The second most important of the car. Upgrading the brake system of your car helps you get better control of your car at higher speeds. Buying an upgraded brake system for your car should be done carefully and if possible by an expert's advice. Wrongly chosen brake system can have fatal effects on your car like raising the operating temperature and not be able to slow down to required speeds during accident causing conditions.

Suspension system: Another important system of your car is the suspension system which is used to improve the performance of your car. Upgrading your car's suspension system allows you to take advantage of the contact patch of your tyre which impacts suspension geometry, dampening and rebound of your car positively. Increasing the steering precision allowing you to brake harder and gain speed as fast as possible. Correct suspension system allows you to take better control of your car in situations such as slopes, slippery roads and tight turns. There are many performance part manufactures around the world, so one must choose the best manufacturer and mechanic for the installation of the parts on your car and see to it that them perform correctly and efficiently. A proper engine checkup should be done regularly to maintain the performance of the engine. Regular change in engine oil helps the car perform well especially in times of need.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Rental Cars and the Hybrid Vehicle Option

Some rental car agencies are now renting out hybrid cars. And you might think this is an exceptional thing for a car rental agency to do, but it also costs the auto rental agencies more to rent these types of cars for several reasons. The first reason is return on investment; hybrid cars generally cost $15-$20,000 more than regular cars of the same type, style, and size. Plus, they are higher on maintenance, and there are more things to go wrong because on a hybrid car you have an electrical system, and extra components, as well as a regular motor. They are very complex vehicles, and they have to deal with Murphy's Law.

Some car rental agencies in the big cities offer all electric plug-ins as part of their rental car fleet. This is also quite challenging because someone that doesn't drive and all-electric car may not realize that it's easy to run the battery down, and not be able to plug it in somewhere. And not all the hotels have places to plug in. Therefore people get stranded, and they have to have the vehicle towed back to the rental agency. This causes an angry customers due to additional fees and charges on their credit card and a whole lot of hassle for the rental car agency.

There is a good chance that a customer may become upset, and not wish to frequent that particular car rental brand again. There are all sorts of problems with these things. Also, hybrid cars because they are so complex and have more systems have a greater chance for recall from the manufacturer. There is a new law in California, and has also been adopted in other states that car rental agencies are not allowed to rent automobiles which are under recall, until they have been repaired and upgraded.

This means that a car rental agency that has five or 10 hybrid cars might have them all out of service when there's a recall, all at the same time. That doesn't happen very often, but car rental agencies could change their mind about the whole good corporate citizen eco-friendly motif. So, you might ask why do rental car agencies even bother to do this? Some of it has to do with PR because it does make consumers feel happy to rent from a company which prides itself on being environmentally friendly.

But generally, it is a loser from a return on investment standpoint. At least it has been in the past. As more all-electric and hybrid cars enter into the marketplace, and more consumers have those types of cars at home, they will be more apt to rent them, thus, the price will come down, and the return on investment may make sense in the future for auto rental agencies. Right now we are in a transition period, and every business decision along this lines, has to be carefully considered. Indeed I hope you will please think on it.

Friday, 21 September 2012

How to Select the Right Tires For Your Car and How to Take Care of Them Properly

Living in a climate that has harsh winters, I recently went to a tire shop to buy a new set of winter tires for my car. I drive a 2006 front wheel drive Honda Civic - a vehicle that wasn't exactly built for serious winter conditions. After doing some research online to find the best possible price on tires, I went into the shop that had offered me the apparent 'best deal', neglecting to ask about make, style, or quality over the phone. When I got to the shop, I asked what type of winter tire was about to be installed on my car. The guy behind the counter laughed and replied, "Buddy, the kind that are round and black." I turned around and walked out of the store - actually, I almost ran.

Here's something you may know - tires are round, black, and made of rubber. Here's something you may not know - rubber comes in hundreds of compounds, styles, makes, and qualities, and selecting the right one's could literally be the difference between life and death.

Tires are the first point of contact between your car and the road and should be selected carefully either when buying a new car, buying used car, or buying a new or used set of tires. Most of the major manufacturers of tires - Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, and many others, are of a similar high quality. When you choose to buy tires from a reputable brand, you are most likely going to get a good quality tire, but selecting tires goes beyond just picking a major brand blindly.

Perhaps the most important determinant when you select the style of tire to put on your car is climate. Tires are fabricated out of rubbers that are designed and tested to perform optimally in certain conditions - wet or dry, hot or cold - or of course, the magic 'all season' tire (the quotations around 'all season' are not suggesting that all season tires aren't in fact decent in all seasons, but as you will read, buying specific sets of tires for specific seasons and conditions is optimal).

Think of it like this - in Toronto, Canada, temperatures in the winter have been known to drop to minus thirty degrees Celsius. Conversely, their summers have, at times, been known to eclipse plus thirty degrees Celsius. That is a whopping sixty degree variance in temperatures over the period of one year. Most rubber experts would tell you that it is impossible to have a rubber compound that performs optimally in that great of a disparity in temperatures. Furthermore, precipitation levels can change in the Toronto area. Some seasons are quite dry, where others are damp and wet. The point is that, in that situation, it would be wise to consider having two sets of tires - one for the winter, and one for the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

I'm not suggesting that you have a set of tires for every weather condition imaginable and that you should change them daily. What I am saying is that you may live in an area with a dynamic climate, and that at least having an all season or warm weather for warmer conditions, and a winter or cold weather tire for when temperatures drop. If you live in a place with a steady climate, warm or cold, you may be able to get away with one style of tire, which brings me to my next point - how to take care of your tires properly.

Taking care of your tires (which, in turn, take care of you) is not like advanced calculus. It really isn't that hard. All you need to know is that periodic checks of your tires are very important. On every single vehicle that is manufactured in North America, the required tire pressure - the measurement of the air pressure inside of your tires - is printed on the inside of the driver's side car door, often adjacent to the inside door handle. This way, you have no excuse to not know the required tire pressure for your specific vehicle! I would suggest checking at least once a month at your local gas station on the pressure of your tires. Sometimes, the air machines require you to put in a quarter or two to operate. As a tip, gas stations normally have a button behind the counter to turn the air machines on manually, and they usually let gas paying customers use the air machine for free - just kindly ask the clerk at the gas station.

Once the air pressure is right, the next thing to be aware of is rotating the tires. This helps to spread the wear and tear of the tires, so they last longer and are optimally safe. Turning your car puts a lot of pressure on the inside walls of the tire, meaning they tend to wear more on the inside of the tire than the outside. This is why you need to rotate your tires frequently - about once every three months. This is not only the safe thing to do, but it will extend the lifespan of your tires. In fact, frequent tire rotation may double the lifespan of your tires.

This brings the next part - the life of the tire. Experts agree that the very best tire that is looked after properly should last sixty thousand miles, or, one hundred thousand kilometres. Most people don't buy the best tires nor do they look after them properly, meaning we can estimate that an average driver should change his or her tires every thirty thousand miles, or fifty five thousand kilometres. Most drivers drive around fifteen thousand miles, or twenty five thousand kilometres per year. This means that the average driver should actually change his or her tires every two years.

So there you have it - select the right tire for your climate condition. Do yourself a favour and spend a bit extra - the big brands are reputable for a reason, and the warranty may be better than a cheaper tire. Rotate the tires often, and check the tire pressure monthly. Following these tips will optimize your safety and extend the life of your tires for as long (and as safe) as possible.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Smart Used Car Shopping - Part 1

Shopping for a used car is not something the average person intends to do very often or at least not as much as he or she goes out grocery shopping. If you go out shopping while hungry you may buy things that you don't need, on the other hand if you go out shopping without a list, the odds are that you are going to get home and figure that you forgot to buy something. I can relate that to shopping for used cars, you have to do your homework, preparation and brainstorming to achieve he best results.

You need to engage in smart used car shopping.

The very first thing you need to do is decide on an amount that you can manage to pay, or spend for the car. If you are paying cash then decide on a maximum amount that you can afford to spend on this given car, without hurting you future financial and saving plans. This is basically done by determining a budget. If you are to finance the purchase, then determine a down payment, and a monthly payment affordable even in the worst financial scenario. You do not want to end with reposition risks.

A common rule is that your monthly car payment should not be over 20 percent of your monthly income after rent or mortgage. I suggest that you get a pre-approval for th financing before you start shopping, this would prevent from uncertainty, and roadblocks. It is very critical for you to know what you can afford ahead of time.

For more information, check out the Smart Used Car Shopping.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Seized Cars and Vehicle Auctions - Sample Listings of the Great Values Available

I have written several articles on government auctions and police auctions in the past, but only as of late have I been providing specific examples of the deals that can be found at these auctions. You may of heard of rumors of the great deals available at government auctions, however, seeing is believing, and since the government does not advertise the specific vehicles or items that are offered at the auctions, I am attempting to illustrate some of the great deals you will find there. The police and government are overstocked with repossessed cars and therefore are eager to clear them out, and in turn this provides great opportunities to anyone who will make an effort to attend their auctions.

Imagine if places like Walmart or Target never advertised the types of "great bargains" that they offer. I'm sure most successful stores would never get anywhere near the sales they have had they never advertised sales on specific items. That's a big part of their marketing strategy and is a main driver for getting the public into their stores. Despite not advertising, though, government auctions still have a decent following and they are very successful at selling repossessed cars and foreclosed homes. The reason for this is simple because they have the such great deals and the informed public are aware of this.

I'm going to share some details about the current repossessed vehicles that are found at government auctions. The listings provided here were gathered from the highest rated government vehicle auction site as reviewed on my website on the 'vehicles' page. Here are a few great samples out of the thousands that are currently available:

  • Plymouth 2004 Neon Sport 31.1K miles $3,250
  • Pontiac 2005 Bonneville 12K miles $3,330
  • Subaru 2004 Impreza Outback 30.1K miles $3,810
  • Ford 2004 Expedition XLT 4D 25.2K miles $3,180
  • Toyota 2005 Corolla LE 12.2K miles $6,350

So as you see the people that are attend the auctions are getting deals much better expected. There is usually a large variety of makes and models available to choose from. So how can they be sold so cheaply and where do they come from? Cars can be repossessed for a variety of reasons including unpaid debt and/or taxes, criminal involvement, etc. Chances are your car dealership is buying at least a portion of their vehicle inventory at a government auctions, and making a good margin on that purchase so here is your chance to cut out the middle-man and pocket your savings.

It's a good idea to go to a live auction rather than an online one because you'll have more time and better opportunity to evaluate the vehicles. You will be able to see all of them up close before choosing which one(s) to bid on. You should also bring along a car expert with you, if you're not one yourself just to to assured that the vehicle is in good condition before buying one. Try to find out both the history and quality of the car(s) you're interested in. Remember, while government auctions are popular, the general public isn't aware of them, and therefore there will be many choices for you do get that car that until now was out of your budget.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Video SEO For Car Dealers - Part II - Shooting Your First Video

Now that you have purchased your digital camcorder, video editing software and other equipment, and have practiced using it, it is time to shoot your first video. I will strongly encourage you to follow the suggestions I make as it will save you significant time and effort when you complete the final edit of your video clip. 

My first suggestion is to plan your shoot carefully before you actually start taking video clips. I mentioned in the first article to ask yourself "What does my customer want to see in a video about this car of interest?" The answer to this question is what you should plan to shoot in your video. Most car buyers have common questions about the vehicles they intend to purchase, as well as have the desire to see certain items on the car. With that in mind, we try to shoot our video clips to meet these needs. 

Here is a simple formula for our approach to creating a video of each vehicle. First, we shoot a complete shot of the front quarter of the car, and introduce ourselves and what vehicle we are shooting for the consumer, as well as share one brief remark about the vehicle. An example would be "Introducing the 2008 Cadillac CTS, voted #1 car of the year by Motor Trend".  We will then start to walk around the vehicle, similar to how a prospective customer would view the car if they were at the car dealer lot in person. Our next shot is a direct shot looking at the front of the car.  During this shot we will often discuss the car's styling, and talk about safety benefits of the vehicle, such as crash test ratings. Our next shot is of the wheel, where we share what tire and wheel options are available with that model of car. Following that we shoot the rear of the vehicle, and depending on the type of vehicle, we might share the tow capacity (if applicable), or talk about the cargo carrying capacity of the trunk, pickup bed, or the back of an SUV with the seats folded down. From there, if the car has 4 doors, we often shoot the rear seat to show the room available for passengers. 

The next shot is often the most popular, and that is from behind the steering wheel. Every car buyer is curious as to how the vehicle appears when they are behind the wheel, and it is up to you to show that with your video camera. To do this well, you will most likely need to shoot from the rear seat. Take some time to show the steering wheel, instrument panel, and then work from left to right to show the center console, with focus on the stereo and climate controls. Many of the most popular features of a vehicle are here - take time to point them out to your viewer.

The last area to address is the motor - pop the hood and show a quick shot of the engine, while sharing the engine options that are available, as well as horsepower and fuel mileage.  Take another full car shot for your closing line, and try to finish with a strong statement as to what makes this vehicle a great buy. An example might be "The 2009 Chevrolet Corvette, considered to be the best value sportscar in America!".

Make sure to follow some of these simple tips to optimize your video and audio quality. Use your tripod whenever you can. Jerky and erratic movements while taking your video are not only annoying to your viewer, but also take away from the quality of what you are showing. Remember that when zooming in, any movements are magnified by the camera. Lighting is very important. You will quickly learn after uploading some of your videos that most of what you shoot will appear less bright online. A sunny day or partly cloudy day works best, however, if it is very sunny, be careful of reflection. Pick a vehicle whose color is anything but black or white if you can, as black can often be hard for your camera to focus on, and white can easily show any dirt. Finally, and quite important, use your external microphone for the best audio quality. The built in microphone on the camera does not provide very good audio, especially if you are not close to the camcorder. When using the external microphone, be careful to keep it covered if it is windy outside. This might be as simple as cupping your hand over the microphone, clipping it under your shirt, or just keeping your back to the wind. If you do not protect the microphone from the wind, you will get a lot of irritating white noise on your video clip.

Keep your video short and simple. A ten minute walk-around of the vehicle will most likely not be viewed by your prospect. Save that for when they come to your dealership in person. The goal of this short video (approximately 2 minutes) is to share some key information that is useful to your prospective customer. Do not make this a two minute commercial about your dealership, rather, provide useful information that you would want if you were looking at this car. A good, useful video will be rewarded online with lots of views which will mean great video SEO for you later!

The next part of this series will share how to download your video and edit your content to create a short video segment that will benefit your prospects as well as your online exposure with sound video SEO techniques.  

Monday, 3 September 2012

Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance - Part 2

Are you having an auto insurance policy or are you planning to apply for one? If yes, make sure you read the 'fine print' before buying the policy so that you get the best deal possible. Part 1 of this article discussed the ways in which you can save money on your car insurance by abstaining from unnecessary costs and coverage. Here are a few more ways to cut costs and get discounts when getting your vehicle insured:

1) Use Safety Devices:

If you use safety devices, such as automatic seat belts, anti-theft devices, alarms, air bags, daytime running lights, and anti-lock brakes, you can get attractive discounts on different insurance policies.

2) Less Driving:

In order to qualify for the 'low-mileage discounts', you are required to either drive less or carpool to work. If you drive a lower-than-average number of miles annually, you can contact your insurer with the required proof and documents and get the discount on your policy.

3) Special 'teens' discounts:

You can avail this discount if your teenage child goes to a college that is located over 100 miles from home and does not bring a car along. You can also apply for additional discounts by insuring your teenager kids on your insurance policy. However, you would be eligible for reduced rates only if your child has a good academic record and has successfully completed an approved drivers' education course.

4) A Single Policy for All:

If you possess more than one vehicle, it is better to insure all the vehicles on a single insurance policy. This will help you save thousands of dollars. You can further reduce the premium rate by buying a life insurance policy from the same company.

5) Miscellaneous Discounts:

There are several other discounts that are usually offered to the policy-holders. For instance, attractive discounts are offered to long-time customers, senior citizens, retired personnel, and those who have not had any accidents in past 3-4 years. In short, make sure you apply for every discount for which you qualify.

6) Get in Touch with Car Dealership:

Last, but not the least, get in touch with the nearest auto dealership for acquiring an auto insurance policy. As most dealers deal in huge amounts and have contacts with several financial institutions, they can assist you in getting the best deal in less time.

Thus, you can easily save thousand of dollars on car insurance by following the ten ways of cutting costs discussed in Part 1 and Part 2 of this article.