Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Buy My Car and Car Recycling

You've heard of the many cash for gold services kicking around the internet by now most likely and you're no doubt aware of just how useful these can be in helping you to easily exchange gold that you have lying around your house for money. Well what you might not have known is that a similar service also exists for cars, and that you can easily sell your car to companies with none of the hassle attached to normally disposing of a car or selling one. Here we will look at why it's so useful to use these services.

If you are getting a new car, then selling your old one and getting cash for it is one of the number one ways to ensure that buying the new vehicle is much easier. You will this way be able to choose a much nicer and safer car and it will be longer before you need to replace it again - so it's more than worth doing. Even if you aren't buying a new car though, and you're just ceasing driving altogether by selling your old one, then it's still useful to have some additional income to help you in your day-to-day expenses or just so that you can treat yourself to something potentially.

The option then is to sell your car to a private individual, or to a friend, or to sell it to one of these car buying services. The latter is the far quicker, easier and more practical way to sell your car for many reasons and while you might not get quite the same amount of cash for it, you will save money in other ways and certainly a lot of time.

The fact of the matter is that if you sell your car to a buy my car service then they aren't likely going to care about the tax or the MOT, and they won't care that it hasn't been cleaned in days. If they're reselling it then they're going to have to go through a valet service anyway and have it serviced so it makes no difference to them whether you've done that previously. If they are planning on recycling the car or using it for parts then they will not even care about the service history or any faulty suspension etc. This then means that you don't need to spend any money on the car before you sell it and you can simply take it in as is and then leave with a profit. While the cost of the car might be less then, you will still get the same overall profit and with a lot less hassle.

Of course the speed of all this is much quicker too and the whole process is painless and professional. If you are selling your car in the neighborhood alternatively then that will mean leaving the car outside with a price on the window - where it is just begging to be vandalized or stolen, and where it will be getting damaged by the weather anyway. Then you have to invite strangers into your home and take the time to demo them the car only not to hear back from them... so selling your car automatically is far preferable.

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