Thursday, 13 September 2012

Seized Cars and Vehicle Auctions - Sample Listings of the Great Values Available

I have written several articles on government auctions and police auctions in the past, but only as of late have I been providing specific examples of the deals that can be found at these auctions. You may of heard of rumors of the great deals available at government auctions, however, seeing is believing, and since the government does not advertise the specific vehicles or items that are offered at the auctions, I am attempting to illustrate some of the great deals you will find there. The police and government are overstocked with repossessed cars and therefore are eager to clear them out, and in turn this provides great opportunities to anyone who will make an effort to attend their auctions.

Imagine if places like Walmart or Target never advertised the types of "great bargains" that they offer. I'm sure most successful stores would never get anywhere near the sales they have had they never advertised sales on specific items. That's a big part of their marketing strategy and is a main driver for getting the public into their stores. Despite not advertising, though, government auctions still have a decent following and they are very successful at selling repossessed cars and foreclosed homes. The reason for this is simple because they have the such great deals and the informed public are aware of this.

I'm going to share some details about the current repossessed vehicles that are found at government auctions. The listings provided here were gathered from the highest rated government vehicle auction site as reviewed on my website on the 'vehicles' page. Here are a few great samples out of the thousands that are currently available:

  • Plymouth 2004 Neon Sport 31.1K miles $3,250
  • Pontiac 2005 Bonneville 12K miles $3,330
  • Subaru 2004 Impreza Outback 30.1K miles $3,810
  • Ford 2004 Expedition XLT 4D 25.2K miles $3,180
  • Toyota 2005 Corolla LE 12.2K miles $6,350

So as you see the people that are attend the auctions are getting deals much better expected. There is usually a large variety of makes and models available to choose from. So how can they be sold so cheaply and where do they come from? Cars can be repossessed for a variety of reasons including unpaid debt and/or taxes, criminal involvement, etc. Chances are your car dealership is buying at least a portion of their vehicle inventory at a government auctions, and making a good margin on that purchase so here is your chance to cut out the middle-man and pocket your savings.

It's a good idea to go to a live auction rather than an online one because you'll have more time and better opportunity to evaluate the vehicles. You will be able to see all of them up close before choosing which one(s) to bid on. You should also bring along a car expert with you, if you're not one yourself just to to assured that the vehicle is in good condition before buying one. Try to find out both the history and quality of the car(s) you're interested in. Remember, while government auctions are popular, the general public isn't aware of them, and therefore there will be many choices for you do get that car that until now was out of your budget.

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