Monday, 26 November 2012

Tuner Cars - What Happened to Collector Cars and Muscle Cars?

When I was a kid, my dad had a 1970 Ford Torino, which was both a collector car and a muscle car with the rebuilt small block engine he put into it.  It was a 4 speed, totally remodeled and he always kept it as clean as he could.  I remember my mother always yelling at my dad, mostly because he would go out to clean his car in his spare time.  She use to scream "Why are you always fiddling with your collector car?  We have a Jetta that doesn't run and rotting Fox, which is so bad, my feet are going to bust through the floor!"  Of course he would then tend to those every day drivers, but I could tell he truly loved his Torino.

Today, many of the younger generations have turned to foreign cars like Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi.  What ever happened to restoring older collector and muscle cars, like what my dad did with his Torino? 

Here is a list of influences the younger generations with these tuner cars have grown interest towards, which have made them grow out of collector and muscle cars:

1) Technology
2) Music
3) Movies

The number one reason why younger generations have turned to foreign cars to build tuner cars is technology changes.  Until recently, there was never power options, computers, and as many aftermarket performance parts as there is today.  Technology alone is the reason there is change in anything! Look at you now sitting in front of the Internet on the computer.  The older generations did not have access to the Internet, giving them limited resources to get the few aftermarket parts that where around. 

The popular music of recent times, which my grandfather refers to as "noise," has really let younger generations with tuner cars evolve into a more open minded way of life, ultimately giving them the want to be unique.  This is what auto tuners of today's world strive for!  The chance to be noticed, seen, and recognized for being wild and crazy with their car inventions has given auto tuners the want to express their emotions, personality, and way of life through their car, which many hip hop artists, techno music creators, and death metal bands are trying to express.

The last major reason younger generations have made the move from collector cars and muscle cars into tuning foreign cars, is because of movies.  Movies have really given an image to what people can do with cars.  Tuner cars really don't have any limitations and will continue to grow.  When the first tuner car movie hit theaters, "The Fast and The Furious," many kids where already driving older, inexpensive foreign cars.  The hundreds of tuner cars that where featured in that movie really brought younger generations into a new way of being an auto tuner, and ultimately a new way of life.

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