Monday, 23 May 2016

car radio amplifier Removal

How To Remove Car Radio Amplifier

I am trying to get access to my car radio amplifier which is located behind the seat back. I have removed the bottom seat and the bottom bolts which hold the seat back but I can not get the back to come off. I can not locate anything holding the top of the seat back. But it seems something is holding it at the top. I tried pulling up but luck

amp is behind the Rear seat back which is between the trunk and the seat back I am trying to remove the Rear seat back to get too the amp. I have removed the lower seat and I have removed the bolts holding the set belts and the bottom of the rear seat back but the back seem to be held in place at the top center. I've tried lifting up but it does not budge I am thinking their may be bolts holding it but I can not seen any sigh of bolts. I have removed all the lining in the trunk but still can not see what is holding the seat back. 

The Actual Procedure to remove Radio Amplifier

The bottom comes off with a stiff tug upwards. The back is tricky. Two bolts on the floor hold the seatbealt anchors and seat back frame to the floor. Remove these. Near the top of the seat back there are 4 spring clips, very similar to the kind that hold the seat bottom to the floor, spaced along the top of the seat back. The outboard clips if they are pushed all the way through the slot in the frame, must be released from the inside of the trunk. pull the carpet to expose the seat back frame. There are holes in the metal crossmember ,get a small pair of pliers in and squeeze the clip together to release it. You may have to remove the black plastic frame that holds some electronics to get to the passenger side outboard clip. There are 3 10mm nuts that hold the frame. After releasing the outboard clips the inboard clip can be relased from inside the car. As you gently pry the seat back forward you can see the clips. Press down from the top with a screwdriver and the clips will pop loose. The rear deck is held in place by 2 plastic barbs. Pop them out and the deck should slide forward.

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