Monday, 23 May 2016

2008 LR3 Misfires While Driving

LR3 misfires and pops up 

Hi I am driving a LR3 2008 and daily when am about to take off +100kmph it misfires and pops up "reduced engine performance"
no light comes but shows "Reduced Engine Performance" the car wont race above 100KMPH even if a elephant foot presses the gas paddle.
I want to know where the issue is and the LR mechanic says its very difficult to identify the problem cause its correlated to many things inside the car. It may be injectors cleaning, fuel pump replacement etc...

First Check :
Does your check engine light flashes when it misfires? & is on at this time & have u ran a diagnostic test on it where u can retrieve engine codes?

It will be nice to have a diagnostic check a good scanner should pull up What we call pending codes .But since you don't have that with you now. There are number of  number for issue like that is your Crankshaft sensor and a lot of times it is the heat shrink wrap around the sensor wires melted ,burned or rubbing against the belt ,especialy if u take it out in the desert off roading.  Check That first, next clean  Mass Air flow Sensor and Check Air filter, Also An ignition coil under load speeds over 100 will cause a misfire and throw the engine in limp mode or reduced power , also check throttle body for carbon build up in case plate not closing all the way and creating a rich condition. also if u have a fuel pressure Tester  hook it up and see what happens to the pressure under load ,wide open Throtle .? Check Crank sensor and pull on wires ad visually take out and inspect it

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