Monday, 23 May 2016

Car OBD Codes Problem

code p0131 p0137 p0151 p0157 p0171 p0174

2015 cadillac SRX i recieve code p0131 p0137 p0151 p0157 p0171 p0174
every time i clear it they come back in one minute

The P0171 and 174 are most likely setting because of the oxygen sensor issues. The other codes are for each of the four oxygen sensor signal circuits and set when the signal circuits are at or near zero volts. This could be a wiring issue, the sensors themselves, or possibly an internal failure in the powertrain control module. Sensor failures aren't likely to be the case if all four codes started setting at once.Is the car no longer under basic warranty?.
This will help.Thanks.

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