Monday, 23 May 2016

2000 Infiniti I30 Strut Fitting

New Struts Will Not Fit 

I have an 2000 Infiniti I30. I am a shade tree mechanic who enjoy doing some work including struts, etc. When removing the rear strut on my Infiniti (after watching a video on the same model) I noted that when I removed the bottom pin it was very difficult and I had to work it out slowly with a ratchet, When it came out the strut acted like it was under pressure popped out forcefully (this should not happen with a strut). Then when I put the new quick strut in place I noticed that it extends six inches beyond where I need it to to put the main bolt in. I only have about two inches play on the wheel base. There is no way I can get that strut in without compressing inside the wheel well and then somehow pushing the strut in place which sounds impossible. Any thoughts?

First thing where do you have the car jacked up??? it needs to be lifted on the frame, not under the strut Roy.

its centered under the car not under the strut.Its a floor jack centered behind the gas tank so both tires are able to be worked on.

You are doing it wrong you are pushing up on the struts. you need to jack it up on the frame or the pinch welds so the suspension hangs down. then the strut will go in nice and easy Roy And if its still not fitting then you have the jack in the wrong spot. put a jack stand in front of each rear wheel on the pinch welds on the end of the body. that will allow the suspension to drop for you Roy.

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