Monday, 23 May 2016

Car Accelerator Issues


hello I have a 456 mgta, regular service, 20k mileage, had an issue with a sticking accelerator, wrench greased/oiled the cable from what I understand, seems to be ok now, although if you push your hand on the accelerator pedal there is still about two inches of play but the problem is after I start the car, white smoke/condensation which passes fairly quickly, then the blue smoke from both exhaust worse on right side, pretty excessive oil consumption as well, I must admit mostly in town driving my fault, both ck engine lights on now but let is sit at idle for about five minutes before shutdown and no smoke, so, leakdown test/compression issue, or valve guides, perhaps pcv valve?

It's possible that the PCV alve could be causing high oil consumption and smoke but not likely. You can replace it if it's in question and see if anything changes.Valve seal/guide issues will definitely cause oil consumption and can cause smoke but not usually smoke at idle. Valve seal issues usually cause smoke on deceleration, where piston ring/cylinder wall issues will cause smoke all the time or worse on acceleration. I've seen cases where valve seals would actually break though, which will cause consumption to be higher than usual seal or guide wear problems.Under these conditions it's more likely that you have piston ring issues. It would be a good idea to do a compression and leakdown test on each cylinder. I would recommend checking the cylinders dry and then wet by adding a small amount of engine oil to the cylinders, if compression comes up with added oil that indicates ring sealing issues.This will help.Thanks.

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