Friday, 26 June 2015

Using Car Paint Scratch Remover

How To Use  Car Paint Scratch Remover

Car scratch paint remover is designed to eliminate scratches on your vehicle without the need to sand, prime and paint. If a hailstorm, flying road debris or fender bender has left you with an unsightly scratch, then you may be curious as to whether or not these inexpensive retail products actually work. Learn the basics of car scratch remover products and what types of scratches they can effectively remove.

What Are Car Scratch Repair Kits?

Paint scratch kits are products that can be found at many automotive retail shops. The most important item in these kits is a repairing paste that incorporates plastic deformation chemicals. When rubbed onto your vehicle’s surface, these chemicals cause the paint to distort and deform. As a result, the paint surrounding a scratch is altered in such a way that it can cover up the scratched area. Typically, scratch repair kits only require one to three minutes of buffing.

Which Car Scratches Can be Removed?

Unfortunately, car scratch removers have a very limited range of effectiveness. In general, only the smallest of scratches can be effectively buffed out with the use of such products. As a good rule of thumb, if you can feel the scratch when you rub your fingernail over the area, then chances are a paint scratch remover won’t do an adequate job. However, if the scratch has only penetrated the top clear coat of paint, then it may serve as an affordable alternative to professional paint repair.
Be aware, however, that using such products may cause additional damage to your paint job. If you buff too hard or too long, then hazing or swirling of the surrounding paint job can occur. As such, you may want to try testing the remover on an inconspicuous spot before moving on to the more visible scratch location.

Professional Car Scratch Repair

For the majority of scratches that are not good candidates for car scratch paint remover, it is recommended that you simply take the repair to your trusted auto body shop. Technicians at these garages have access to sophisticated tools such as compressed air guns and paint-mixing technologies that ensure a quality repair. While you may end up paying more in the long run, chances are the superior results will be well worth the money.

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