Friday, 26 June 2015

A Quick Guide to Roadside Towing Services

 Roadside Towing Services And Help Guide

Nobody plans on having something go wrong with their car and being stranded on the side of the road. You can, however, be prepared for the unexpected before you hit the road. Modern cellular networks makes this easier than ever, since you can locate roadside assistance and call them from the safety of your car.

A Quick Guide to Roadside Towing Services

Organization Roadside Coverage

One of the most common roadside services is the coverage that you get through a company or organization. Usually this is auto clubs and insurance companies, but it’s also offered by car manufacturers. In fact, you may have currently have roadside assistance coverage and not even know it. And if not, it’s easy enough to add to any existing account.
The exact nature of the coverage will change with each company and coverage. Some will cover your towing fee and unlimited miles. Some will only cover a certain number of tows per year, or a certain number of miles. It’s always a good idea to check out the terms beforehand so you’re less frantic when the time comes.

Finding Roadside Service When You Need It

Even if you don’t have roadside coverage, you can still track down reliable towing services on your own. The only difference is that you’ll have to do it based on where you are when you need the tow. If you’re in town, then you can do your research ahead of time, but road trips can make things a little trickier. When you are on a road trip, smartphones and cell phones are a great tool to help you compare multiple companies and prices before you order a tow truck.
Not sure how to tell if it’s a good company? Reviews are a great place to start. Remember that even the best business will have dissatisfied customers, so don’t let a single bad review sway you too much. You should also check out their prices, which many companies post online.
Most importantly, however, you need to make sure that they’re upfront with you about all charges before you sign anything. Find out where they’re taking your car and how far away it is. Ask them about any storage fees or other additional fees that may be involved. Good companies will be able to answer these questions immediately.

More Than Just Towing

When we think about roadside assistance, most of us think about towing. Today’s towing vehicles are mobile workshops, and can provide other services to get out back on the road, like:
Basic Mechanical Repairs: This is usually limited to adjusting or changing minor things that don’t involves parts or supplies, such as reconnecting hoses or switching out fuses. Anything more complicated than that and they’ll usually tow you to a repair shop.
Battery Service: A jumpstart is just the beginning. Many services can do things like recharge your battery, refill the fluid, test the battery, and even switch out the battery with a new one.
Flat Tire Service: Depending on the service, you may not even have to limp along on a spare. Many services can get the right tire size from your VIN or license number, and can bring a brand new full-size tire out to replace the flat one.
Locksmiths: Locking yourself out of your car is annoying. Fortunately, many roadside services will be able to unlock your car or, if that fails, tow the car to a shop where it can be unlocked.

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