Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hydrogen Car Mileage - How To Get Better Mileage With A Hydrogen Car, And What Are Its Benefits?

Are you interested to learn how you can convert your car to run with hydrogen and increase your car mileage? Recently, there has been a lot of attention given to hybrid cars because of the spike in gas prices. Even airlines and car manufacturers are looking for gas alternatives and other ways to allow their customers to travel more affordably. The concept of hydrogen cars sounds really exciting and is definitely true. It is used by many people around the world.

1. Why Are Thousands Of Drivers Converting Their Cars To Run With Hydrogen?

In order to obtain the H2 gas necessary to be burned for power, water is split by an electrical process called electrolysis. Thus it is obvious that the biggest benefit is that the driver is now able to use water as the source of fuel instead of gasoline. This allows him or her to save a tremendous amount of money, since we know how ridiculously high fuel prices are today.

On top of that, many governments now give tax relief to people who use water instead of gas to run their cars. These tax benefits add further to costs savings. Car engine performance and mileage are also increased. Finally, when run with hydrogen, the amount of carbon monoxide emissions from the vehicle are reduced significantly, thus it also has the benefit of environmental conservation.

2. How Can You Convert Your Car To Run On Hydrogen?

I managed to do so with an online guide I downloaded that utilizes the Water4Gas technology. I then proceeded to build the H2 on demand system out of parts and materials bought at a nearby hardware store.

3. Maintaining the Car

Once you start running your car with water, you will need to check the water balance regularly to make sure that it is at sufficient level. Of course, you will need to continue with your regular checking of tire pressure and changing of oil.

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