Monday, 4 June 2012

Buying Dirt Cheap Cars And Fixing Them Up Can Be Very Profitable

In today's economy, it is sometimes necessary to find different ways to make money outside of what your actual type of employment consists of. For many people, that side hustle has to do with buying dirt cheap cars, fixing them up, and then reselling them to people who need vehicles for a substantial profit. If you are at all mechanically sound or willing to learn and to you on the way to get some extra cash in your pocket to catch up on bills, save for a new baby, or move to a new place and flipping dirt cheap cars just may be the site hustle that you need to get started. All you need now are a few resources for finding these cars. Read on for more information on where you can find dirt cheap cars to fix up.

The Local Newspaper

The local newspaper is one of your best resources for finding dirt cheap cars. Many times, there are people who are selling cars for As Is prices, with no guarantee of work. If you can get these cars for just a few hundred dollars, find a way to cheap enough parts to where you can replace and still make a profit, you stand to at least double the money that you invested in the actual starter car in the first place.

The Wheeler Dealer and Similar Papers

Chances are that your community has a free local magazine that pertains wholly to cars, and what must be done to sell, buy, or even trade a car. These magazines allow people to list wanted ads and sale ads and other types of advertisements and gives businesses in the community a chance to show their support and increase their exposure by buying advertisement space. This is a great way to buy dirt cheap cars with an As Is price tag, and an even better way to get dirt cheap cars than the regular classifieds. This space is designated solely for those who have business for cars, so people are easily able to get in touch with like-minded people. Those who are looking to have a little business going could get some good clientele on here as well, so it is important to find these papers in your community and learn how to use them to your advantage.

Places to find really cheap cars are police impound lots where auctions are usually held monthly. Also eBay, Craigslist and, believe it or not, new car lots. New car lots get trades that they know they will have a hard time getting rid of. Another great place for cheap cars is insurance companies as they will typically purchase a vehicle from a client when it will cost more to fix than to scrap.

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