Monday, 4 February 2013

How to Draw Cartoon Cars and Amaze Your Friends and Family

If you love to draw, need to draw something for someone, or are just plain bored and want to learn how to draw cartoon cars, well you have come to the right place.

Many people take drawing to be an incredibly difficult task, but in reality drawing is an awesome past time and when broken down into the right steps, can seem easy. Cartoon cars are incredibly easy and fun to draw, don't let the final appearance of the car detour you.

Many people look at the end product of a drawing and immediately put up a red flag in their mind telling themselves that they will not be able to complete the task at hand. The humorous part about it all is the task at hand is not as big as you may imagine.

Every great artist starts out small and slowly escalates their skills to bigger and better things. For all you inquiring artists we are going to break down how you can draw a cartoon car and amaze your friends while doing so.

-Draw a big rectangle on your paper to start off with; this will be the main body of the car.

-Draw another small rectangle right on top of the bigger rectangle; make a diagonal line in the front to commemorate the windshield.

-Then its wheel time just two simple circles on the bottom of the first rectangle-Trace over your original picture with a darker marker, to give the car a more cartoon look-Next, draw the headlights of the car and the bumper. This does not need to be anything fancy, just a circle for the light and a half smiling face for the front bumper.

-Then you need car windows, just draw a vertical line through the smaller triangle on top.

-Draw a small square underneath the winder and of course a door and a handle, this is pretty simple!

-Then to make the car look like its moving draw a cloud of smoke coming from the back.

And, now you have just made an awesome looking cartoon car!

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