Sunday, 10 February 2013

Cars and Dreaded Air Fresheners

Cars, cars cars! Despite their dastardly effect on the smooth running of the natural ecosystem, we are still obsessed with four wheeled petrol-guzzling contraptions.

There's just something so alluring about the sleek bonnet of a new car and the fresh smelling interior of a leather covered driver's seat that can release the soul from its imprisonment.

But one of the things I despise about cars is not the affect it has on my diminishing bank balance nor the ever-growing road tax cost - it's those horrific, smelly tree things people insist on hanging from their rear view mirrors!

I love the smell of clean, fresh air that is easily obtainable with a quick roll-down of the passenger window. I don't need a man made cardboard cut out of a Christmas tree to add a suspiciously fake aroma to my cherished vehicle. The sweet smell only works to quicken the stirs of a fast-approaching headache on my part and I can assure you that I'm not a happy bunny when my paracetamols have gone astray and a bumpy country road has unsettled my stomach.

In fact any kind of smell that doesn't mirror the aroma of a natural breeze is anathema to my poor nose. The worst kind of road trip is the type that's long, hot and involves the consumption of foodstuffs within the confines of a four door hatchback.

Kids are the worst; especially ones who like munching on salty and vinegar crisps whilst spilling fruit juice on the back seat. It's not the ensuing melange of wet crisp mush that annoys me. It's the vinegary smell infecting the air molecules and passing through my olfactory area.

So if I ever need to hitch a ride in a Ford, Corsa or Limousine, the first thing I'll be looking for is a tree-free windscreen and an empty backseat.

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