Monday, 7 January 2013

Boy Baby Shower Cars and Nautical Themes

When planning a baby shower for a boy there are many fun ideas that you can incorporate into the party. Of course you could make the baby shower a neutral theme but it will be a great memoir for the baby if the theme is something he can relate to. By making the baby shower more boyish you can also invite men and they will fit right in. This article will give you ideas for the nautical and car themes for baby showers.

Cars Baby Shower
If you've been around boys, you know that cars are one of their biggest passions. Buy an already made car banner and use a permanent marker to write a saying like: "Our baby boy is racing to get here". If the parents have already chosen the name, you can use it in the banner. For the entrance way have black and white checkered flags just like those in car races. Buy lots of cars and decorate the foods tables with them.

Another idea is to create a small race track on the table with black cardboard and mini tires and place the cars on the track surrounding the food. Purchase lots of large car cut outs so that you can tape them on walls and doorways. To create special car themed favors, buy lots of candy and chocolate bars and make candy race cars. You will also need a glue gun and glue sticks. For the tires glue peanut butter cups or any other round candy. Make sure to display these favors on a separate table.

Nautical Baby Shower
A unique baby shower theme that is always a hit for boys is the nautical theme. Cut out the shape of a boat to make the invitation. Write the words "There's a Baby on Board" in the front of the invite. When decorating a nautical baby shower, life savers can be used as part of the centerpieces on the tables and even as wall hangings. Spruce up the life saver by painting some navy stripes on it. Place flower pots inside of the life savers. The best color for the flowers is red as it will combine with the navy, white and red color scheme that is typical for a nautical theme.

Another idea is for you to make a lighthouse out of cardboard and place it on the end of a foods table. Use shiny paper at the top to simulate the light. You can also have someone hand make a wooden nautical decorative with the baby's name on it and after the party it can serve as a door hanger for the baby's room. Buy nautical themed decoratives to spread around the foods tables such as anchors, ships, boats, fish, and even teddy bears dressed as sailors.

If you have children at the party a fun craft to make is a boat out of newspapers and then paint it. You can also have a nautical bucket filled with fun goodies to keep the kids entertained. Buy cheap pails at dollar stores and fill them with coloring and activity pages, stickers, markers, and play dough.

For favors, purchase nautical themed cloth and use it to wrap scented soaps in. Tie the soap with a white satin ribbon. The soap is a favor that even guys can receive. A pretty anchor pendant is a favor that the women will love. Place the pendants in transparent boxes and tie a navy blue ribbon around each one.

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