Thursday, 16 August 2012

Getting Clientele in the Mobile Detailing and Car and Truck Washing Business

The mobile auto detailing and mobile car washing sector can be a good little small business to own, but it is hard work. Luckily there is lots of it too. Not long ago someone in KY who was considering starting a company like this emailed me and asked "How do I get Business?" Good question and here is my response:

You are smart to ask about "How to get Business" first, because if you do not have the accounts or proper clients on your scheduled route, you will be driving around to no avail and at nearly $4.00 fuel prices, that means towing a trailer with equipment or driving a truck laden with water weight at 8.2 pounds per gallon will eat up all your money.

You see, the travel costs in mobile car washing business are significant, one thing we realized even when fuel was $1.35 per gallon that our teams who like you lived outside Louisville and drove 25 miles into town each day and back, spent a good $20 + a day in fuel, and those crews worked 7-days a week due to fleet customers requiring weekend services, especially the Tour Bus Companies in Louisville, KY.

Our franchisees in the Louisville area also had customers as far as Bowling Green, Evansville, Lexington, J-town, Frankfort and well into Indiana. So, the question of how to get accounts is important, but also which accounts to get or go after is also paramount. The closer they are together the better to save on travel and fuel costs. Next our future mobile car wash entrepreneur asks:

"How do you get accounts with businesses, who do you talk to?"

Well, for smaller companies, you just walk in the door and give the secretary a free car wash. For fleet accounts, you drive around back and talk with the supervisor of transportation, and for corporate on-site employee car washing and detailing, you talk with human resources and explain the benefits to employees. Each of these methods works well and you be part of your direct sales campaigns. Learn about selling?

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