Friday, 4 May 2012

Suzuki Mehran Is a Small Economical Car and an Affordable Auto

If you are looking for a small economical car, Suzuki Mehran 800CC is the most economical auto you can find in Pakistan. There are several reasons of this car being economical and affordable.

Fuel Efficient and better mileage when run on gas fuel

The most important reason is that it has a small engine and consumes less fuel than other rival cars and you can get better mileage when you run your car on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) which is easily available in Pakistan. Gas fuel provides a 30-40% more mileage as compared to running the same car on petrol. Plus CNG is around 30-35% cheaper than Petrol and Diesel. So it becomes really easy for common man to drive this car within his small monthly budget, making it extremely affordable car.

Cheapest auto spare parts easily available

Another reason of this car being so popular is that its spare parts are easily available, you can find it from your nearest auto store in any city. Prices of these parts are surprisingly low if you compare to other rival cars. Which again does not become big burden on owner's pocket. For example, you can find its side mirror in less than a dollar. So if your car goes through major maintenance, it will not be nightmare and you will still be able to afford it with little pain!

Great resale market and so many used cars for sale

Lastly this car has a resale market value that no other car offer. Better resale market means you will get better price of your car when you intend to sell it. It is really easy to sell your car within few days because of its high demand throughout the year.

All these features combined make it an affordable, cheapest and economical small car.

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